January 19, 2021

Birthday (Cake) Ice Cream Cake

I really thought I had this recipe on my blog somewhere. It took me a few minutes to find it. Since it's been 7 years, I figured I'd repost the whole thing for you. But the pictures of the original are better, so you can go check it out if you'd like. 

I lovelovelove cake batter/birthday cake ice cream. The problem is that it's hard to find and I cannot be bothered with making homemade ice cream these days. I also haven't unpacked my Kitchen Aid and we've been here for 6 months, so that wasn't happening. I went to three different stores in search of it for my ice cream cake this year, because I wasn't trying to make life harder. I couldn't find it anywhere. So I had to make my own. 

There's multiple ways you can go about making your own. You just need cake/frosting. I did a bit of a semi-homemade version. You can just buy and freeze cupcakes or you can make your own cupcakes. I kind of balked at the idea of making homemade cake or cupcakes for this. Truthfully, I was so burnt out after baking three three-layer birthday cakes for Wells over the summer (one practice cake and one for each of his two parties)...I'm probably not making cake again until his next birthday. 

No comment on the child's fist in the cake. 


1 package Birthday Cake Oreos

2 T. melted butter

3 cups of vanilla/yellow cake chunks, frosted 

1 large container of vanilla ice cream 

1 tub of Cool Whip (do not use Redi-Whip or canned whipped cream, as it doesn't spread or freeze well)

Sprinkles of choice

So the basics are...

I bought a package of Funfetti Mug Cakes. I made all four, frosted them, let them cool, then diced them up. 

I softened a container of vanilla ice cream and folded in the mug cake chunks.

[ i know. pictures would be great here, right? ]

I crushed the Oreos using a potato masher in a big bowl and then stirred in melted butter. 

I pressed this crust into a 9x13 pan (again, with the potato masher) and froze it for 30 minutes. 

Smooth the soft ice cream/cake chunks over the frozen crust. 

I refroze the cake at this point, while I softened the Cool Whip. 

After about 30 minutes, pull the pan out of the freezer and smooth the Cool Whip over the top. 

Cover in sprinkles of choice. I was so wholly unprepared that all I had was sanding sugar. But it did come out as a pretty iridescent color. 

Refreeze. Keep in the freezer for as long as you'd like! It stays good a very long time. But obviously in our house, it lasts no more than a week. 


You can play with the ingredients and the method and get as creative as you'd like. It's a method, not a recipe.

Candy Cane Oreo Ice Cream Cake


  1. I do love an ice cream cake, never tried to make my own though. Yum!!

    1. It's an addictive habit/hobby so proceed with caution.

  2. I dont know why an ice cream cake intimidates me... I need to give one a go. I had a friend do one with ice cream sandwiches & that was my speed - how much easier can that get?


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