January 20, 2021

2 1/2 years of Wells

Wells turned 2 1/2 last week. He's had a big 6 months since moving to Kansas and turning 2.

Wells can:

Count to 20. He does it constantly, on a loop.

He's working on identifying numbers and letters and he knows all of his colors. 

Sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. He does it constantly, on a loop. He also sings the "finger song" and Baby Beluga and Jingle Bells He's tries the ABCs but he doesn't have them quite yet. He also makes up a lot of words as he goes along in his songs. 

He repeats everything. I've figured out that this is how he processes and makes sense of the world. If you say something to him, he repeats the last few words of it. His vocabulary is enormous right now. 

He says "good morning" to each and every person he encounters, no matter the time of day. 

He says "good morning, I love you" to me or whoever when he thinks he's in trouble or about to be redirected. 

He can say his first and last name. 

He loves playgrounds. 

We are in a better place with sleep than we've ever been. He takes a nap for 2-3 hours every day, without a fight. If we're out of the house, he can also get by with no nap or just a cat nap in the car. If we're at home all day or most of the day, I make him take a nap, but I don't schedule our life around his nap like I used to. He sleeps from about 7/7:30pm until about 6am. Sometimes he wakes up in the middle of the night to say he needs to use the bathroom or he's thirsty. He's still in a crib so we help him with that, obviously. He does not understand that cribs can be climbed out of so we'll keep him in a crib til 3 years old.

He's totally potty-trained, Praise the Lord. I never intended to train him this early but he did it on his own back at the end of October. I would say it was about two weeks of hardcore "training". Now he tells me when he has to go and he makes sure I shut the door behind him and he does what he has to do. This weekend, he even learned how to push his stool over and turn on the light by himself. I was going to do an entirely separate potty-training post, but decided against it. If you want that info from me, I'll pass it on! He was shockingly easy to potty-train, when you consider the fact that I never was able to completely sleep-train him.

Here's the gear we used for potty-training: This is it! I did not go with bells and whistles and surplus here. There were no celebrations or bribery.

Favorite shows: Blippi, Coco Melon, Pororo, Robo-Poli, Dinos, any monster truck mini-show on Amazon...sometimes he asks for Baby Bum and will watch and listen all afternoon while he plays. Mostly Blippi, though. He is a non-fiction fiend most days. He's wants to be shown things and explained to. 

Favorite foods: applesauce (we recently moved away from pouches entirely and he just eats from a bowl...so much cheaper), crackers/chips of any kind, smoothies, Cheerios and milk, milk, "tea" (La Croix, Gatorade, Pedialyte, or chamomile tea diluted with water), Scott's scrambled eggs (not mine, obvi), fruit leather...he loves him some cookies or some ice cream and I feel like he's gotten a lot in the last few weeks. All in all, he eats whatever we eat: I give him whatever is for dinner and he eats it. If he won't eat it, he will become super interested in it as soon as it's on our plates and then he'll eat it. And if he doesn't want to eat, he doesn't eat. 

He is not shy about going to where he wants in the kitchen to dig out what food he's looking for..."I want dis one" "sometin in here" "hmmm" "I very hungy" and so one. 

Lord help us all if something ever happens to Lambie. He has a brand-new identical one and he won't touch it. 

He is constantly talking. There is a never-ending stream of words and song coming from his mouth. He never stops.  He talks to everything, repeats everything, and comments on everything. I mean, it's constant.  A few examples: No licking! Go away! (to the dogs and he doesn't just say it once, he says it 5-7 times in a row), Where'd daddy go? (If I say work, he says daddy get in truck and go to work. If I say hunting, he says where'd Jamie go?...Jamie is Scott's friend he hunts with...If he asks where Jett-Jett go?, I say hunting and he he starts the hunting questions all over again. I can't say Daddy is outside, because then he'll want to go outside I have to say Daddy is outside working and he'll come back at me with Daddy outside working on tractor? and it turns into a whole tractor conversation that has to end with tractor go nap, Wells, because if the tractor is ASLEEP, Wells has to leave the tractor alone. 

If he goes to time out, I ask him if he knows why he's in time out and he says "because I hit Jett-Jett". We've utilized time-out a lot in the last 6 months but, lately, we say "do you need to go to bed?" and he says "NO" and generally stops whatever it is he's not supposed to be doing (usually bothering the dogs or crying about something of great consequence to him). 

Anyway. Constant talking and constantly repeating and asking questions and telling me what he's doing or what he is planning on doing. Just the other day, he started "I done crying now" when he's done being upset about something. Though, he got a terrible bump on his head the other night and after 10 minutes he said "I done crying" and I think that's because that's what he thought we wanted to hear. 

On a separate note, there will be no more running on the tile floors.

He was saying smiiiiiiile, because if I ask him to smile, he says it instead :D


  1. So cute! This is a fun age! 3 was hard for us. 2 was fine! Potty training twins at the same time was horrible. I rushed it! I was worried about doing it over the summer and having them ready for next room at preschool.

  2. Such a cutie! That is amazing that he counts to 20. Zoe still skips a few numbers each time.

  3. Yay Wells!
    Let me tell you, Blippi, while annoying at times,, is smart as he's rich as heck from his empire. To think he did it all for for his nephew. The twins are in love with him. Carrie more so than Chey. She literally locks her eyes on him haha

  4. Cute, cute, cute! What a darling! And January 10 is my half birthday too. I celebrate it every year. Even though I’m 52 1/2 now. :)

  5. Oh I miss that age. Posts like this will be priceless to you years from now. Keep writing them. :-)


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