November 18, 2020

Wednesday Things.

+ I lost my sunglasses last week. They were $10 (maybe $7) from Walmart. I think I’ve had them for about a year. This is why I don’t buy expensive sunglasses. I debated buying another pair, then I forgot, then I realized that I’m wary of spending another $10 if I’ll just come across these ones again. Problems.

Meanwhile, I’m that person who cannot be without sunglasses and would wear them indoors if it were acceptable, so this has been a long week. 

+ I also lost my eyeliner, but I found it again. I do legitimately have one eyeliner at a time. I’m a minimalist with products. When you move three times in three years, you don’t want to haul along a stockpile of products you don’t use all of the time. 

+ Question: I wrote a political post. The question is do you want to read it? I’m not bothered by civil discourse, but if you don’t want politics, I understand. I’ve written a smattering of them over the years but I can stick to Twitter with that type of content.

I started thinking about this because I deleted IG from Friday through Sunday and it. felt. great. 

When I put it back on my phone during my lunch break on Monday, I was immediately chastised and mask-shamed and scolded via Stories. Approximately 12 of the 15 stories that I watched in a 5 minute time-span were lectures on why I shouldn’t travel for the holidays and why I don’t care about other people if I don’t wear a mask. 

I was literally sitting in an empty classroom wearing a mask and I felt personally attacked. I mean, come on. There has to be a better way to go about this than scolding. Scolding is not effective. 

+ Speaking of the holidays, I’m knocking out my Christmas shopping. I spent a lot of the weekend online browsing, price-checking, and comparing certain items and eventually placed a few orders. Let’s be clear: I am online shopping here because I don’t want to go places. I’m not opposed to shopping in stores. It’s just a hassle. Maybe this coming weekend. We were thinking (loosely) of getting a sitter on Saturday and going out together to look around.

+ And, to let you know the state of things around here this week summed up in one example, our bathroom light bulb died and we bought new ones and haven't put it in yet. (I think we're each waiting for the other one to take care of this.) So we've been just surviving with no light in the shower portion of the master bath. Like, literally, taking showers in the dark.


  1. I would like to read your political post. I really do not like this divisive- ness. I about fought with a friend yesterday about her blaming Trump for Covid. We can disagree and still be friends but she didn’t even want to listen to my opinion.
    Thinking about doing an unpopular opinions post tomorrow - would you care if I use that title and give you credit?

    1. Use it! I think more of us need to share our opinions in general, in a way that doesn't involve yelling and name-calling.

  2. I would like to read your political post, as I feel it will be different than most of the BS that is out there and I can relate to more. I am sick of people being intolerant of others opinions. I disagree with A LOT of people about a lot of things, but I still want to be their friend and I listen to them with an open mind. Why cant we all be like that?

  3. Jsut think of the dark showers as a spa treatment. LOL
    Social media is just RIDUCLOUSSSSSSSS anymore. Whatever side you're on (politics, masks, holidays)... you're going to be offended & attacked no matter what. I've never been more stressed in my entire life.


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