November 19, 2020

A political post.

I can't imagine there's a person out there who doesn't at least care a little about politics at this moment but here is my political post. I don't want to be too repetitive here, but it seems too important NOT to talk about.  

Obviously, we all have preferred candidates. Obviously, we all have a preferred set of policy based on our values. Politics matter because policy matters because policy affects people and people matter. (as said by Allie Stuckey). 

Do I think a Biden/Harris administration will be good for the country? 

I don't. 

Sorry, guys. I think some of you saw Donald Trump as the antithesis of what you believe you believe (if that makes sense) and thought the other direction would be better. I'm not telling you what you believe; I'm suggesting that the media in general skews a certain way and if you pay attention to any form of media, you're inclined to think the way they want you to think. This is similar to how many Americans don't actually understand what BLM means and what the founders of that movement believe. No one outright tells us these things and unless you have the time or interest to really dig in, a person doesn't often get all of the information.

There's nothing wrong with disliking Trump. I don't love the guy. I like his policy. Remember, policy matters because people matter because policy affects how we live. 

This is a really shallow example... for all of you who love your Amazon Round-up posts: you know that Biden/Harris don't believe in capitalism, right? Or, maybe Biden does deep down? Harris just believes in leftism. Those who will run the show are the radical left and they are the ones who believe in socialism. If you like to shop, you voted against your interests.

I saw a tweet by someone on the far left that said she was stress-shopping during election week and she *knows* capitalism is "bad" but she couldn't help it. Okay? 

^This is a very low-level example of how it's impossible to square away a Biden/Harris vote if you don't know what you believe, just because others are telling you that Donald Trump is a fascist (note: a fascist dictator cannot simply be voted out of office in a Constitutional Republic). more note about fascism...for all of the folks who are calling the current President a fascist, many of them are also calling for nationwide lockdowns and mask mandates, which is actual fascism and totalitarianism. 


Under Biden/Harris, I think taxes will go up, I think rights will start to disappear or be questioned in a way that they previously haven't choice will disappear, jobs will vanish, gun rights will diminish, and free speech will be in jeopardy. Foreign policy will circle the drain. We will be dealing with Iran, Russia, and China again; there's a reason why those countries don't like Trump. They knew Obama/Biden was an easy administration to manipulate. Biden has a horrible foreign policy record. Harris has no foreign policy experience and I wasn't particularly hopeful that she was willing to learn about it after hearing her nothing answers in the VP debate. 

I won't get into the character and personal corruption of Biden/Harris (there's a lot), because I'm thinking about the well-being of the country and the well-being of the country doesn't need to rest on the personal life/interests of the President. 

The good news: Coronavirus will be effectively handled now, I'm sure. Biden said he will shut down the virus. If you listen to any left-wing pundit or leftist, Donald Trump was personally responsible for the mishandling of the response to the coronavirus, which is fascinating because it's still running rampant in Europe. Now that Biden will be in charge, mask mandates, more lockdowns that will absolutely destroy businesses and lives, and school shutdowns will happen. 

Those who are calling for lockdowns are missing nothing but their social lives. I'm assuming most can work from home. If we're going to speak of privilege in 2020, that's where we need to start. 

And to those who believe school shutdowns/virtual learning is good: what exactly is good about it?* Kids aren't learning and parents are stretched to their limits. School isn't daycare but parents rely on it so they can go to work. This is making life unbearable for many families. 

Alllll of this to say: If you have spent 4 years being permanently angry and bitter and morose and depressed and ...I don't know...just plain mad, you have wasted 4 years. 

I didn't like Obama. But I thrived personally and professionally during his administration because very little of his Presidency affected my day-to-day life at first. Maybe I was young and naive? Probably.

I lived in 4 states, traveled the country, got married, taught at 5 schools, got two dogs, started a blog, made hundreds of friends and acquaintances, experienced highs, lows, etc. 

He had very little to do with the state of my happiness. Politics should not be the end all, be all for your happiness. But some policies affect how we live more than others do so we can have the discussion of what Obama did that wasn't great if you'd like.  

However, if you are a Christian, you fall into an entirely separate category. Politics is NOT our end-all. It is not the goal. By saying God is sovereign, I'm not saying just to turn to God and not care about what is happening in our country; we should care. It's our duty as citizens. I'm saying that this does not surprise God (just as coronavirus and the whole of 2020 was not a surprise to God). He is sovereign over all of it and all of us. 

A few things to note though, because I would be remiss if I didn't mention: To those acting as if Biden is our personal savior...he's not. To those saying a Catholic is back in the White House and that's...good? Um, he was denied communion because of his stance on abortion. He is less Catholic than me concerning his actual beliefs, and I'm not Catholic at all. 

If you are a Christian and you weighed the options and you voted for the party that stands for abortion up until the point of birth (and don't say it never happens..if it never happens, we don't need legislation for it), I truly don't know how you fit those puzzle pieces together. Your vote is your vote; I'm just curious. It's ironic that this comes from the party who also says "science is real" as a tagline. This is something else I don't understand: Like, literally, who doesn't believe in science? Since "climate" is synonymous with "science" these days, no one is actually denying a changing climate. Will the world end in 7 years because of the climate? Doubtful. 

My point: 

If you voted for Biden and are upset about how close the election was, it may be a clue that there are a lot of people out there who disagree with your political beliefs.** Disagreement over policy doesn't mean racist, xenophobic, transphobic, bigoted, or whatever else. The entirety of the United States is not your specific cohort on the internet. I follow an equal number of liberals and conservatives. I consider it to be important to understand all sides of an argument and not cement myself into a bubble. 

Feel free to comment (or email me if you don't want to comment!). 

I welcome productive discussion!

*COVID is a whole different topic and I'm not going to voice all of my opinions on that in this post. 

**Worth noting that states have not certified their votes yet and the "projected winner" is not the same as the "President-Elect". 


  1. Thank you for posting this! I agree with 100% of what you wrote. It is disheartening how left the media is- it so so nice to know there are others who feel like I do. I could go on and on regarding policies, politics, president elects, etc. But the main thing I want to convey to you is that I think you are brave to have written this (and published it) and I agree with you.

  2. Very well said and I agree with everything you wrote. You are very brave to put this out there!

  3. I hate talking politics with most people because they are usually completely closed minded and have no argument for half of what you bring up. I did not vote for Biden/Harris. I cannot vote for a man that has been in politics for several decades and has literally done nothing. And appears to be corrupt AF and no one seems to care. And also a racist based on several comments he has made, but everyone and the media ignores. That said, I do not like Trump. I honestly do not associate myself with either party, I am more of a Libertarian. I wish that people wouldn't crap all over third party candidates and say they are wasted vote and tell people not to vote for third party. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. That is literally what we do every four years in this country. We play ping pong with the left and the right and it has divided our country to the point it is unrecognizable. I am sick of the people who think covid isn't real. I know people who have died from it. I am sick of the racist narrative that the media plays on the right side. Just because you have morals and don't want socialism, doesn't mean you are a fascist racist. I don't see people fleeing free countries for socialism or communism. With that said, if Biden takes office, I hope that he is able to unite this country. Just because I didn't vote for him doesn't mean that he isn't going to be my president. I pray that we are able to find a way to combat corona virus and get our lives back. And that our simple freedoms aren't taken from us. The censorship is out of control these days and that should worry people, but no one seems to care.

    1. I wholly believe covid is real. I also wholly believe that it wouldn't have become what it is without this being an election year. Like how swine flu came about in 2009: it wasn't an election year so it wasn't made into an apocalyptic situation. It's sad that it's come to this.
      If you listen to Ben Shapiro's show from yesterday (11/19), he rehashes numbers again concerning covid and it was a nice dose of reality when it comes to actionable steps we COULD take to just let it run its course.
      Lockdowns aren't the answer.

      I could write paragraphs on Biden's corruption. He's not a good person. (Not that the President has to be a moral, decent human being, but since Trump is under fire for being "mean" or whatever all of the time, we might as well put it on the table.)

  4. Loved this! Well said! I am sending to some friends now!

  5. Loved this so much! Well said!

  6. This is perfect. Thank you. You said this calmly and rationally and at this point I am so frustrated over all the name calling of those who don’t agree with Biden that I just can’t even be chill. Hence, I have been mostly apolitical online to keep my cool. The fact that people won’t even be friends with those who voted for the other party is ridiculous to me. A friend of mine said she lost 4 close, childhood friends because she said she voted for Trump. I mean, are we in kindergarten?

    A “Christian” who can vote for Biden and Harris, who celebrate the LITERAL MURDER OF CHILDREN is something I cannot for the life of me make sense of.

  7. I agree... and disagree ... with a lot said here. The joy of opinions :) I have always been a middle of the aisle person. I've voted for Bush, Clinton, Obama one year & not the next. I voted for Trump last time, Biden this time... Told you - toally middle of the road. I'm anxious to see the changes it creates for Biden to be in charge.. but I was equally terrified to see what would happen wtih Trump in charge. Year after year, president after president - we survive. Things dont full on deconstruct ... we just make it through.
    I'll speak on the Christian who votes for Biden/Harris. I know some people take the stance on that one issue of abortion. For me, its a bigger picture. Of course we dont want abortion - but you ask any woman that has HAD an abortion & most of them didnt want abortion. It's about choice. More so - for me, its about facilities that offer services to help women's health. If anyone thinks that abortion becoming illegal will stop abortions from happening is not living in the real world. Same with guns. You think if they're outlawed, people wont get them? I just dont like the idea that if you are a Christian, you have to vote Republican. When I stated my belief in Jesus as my Savior, I dont remember saying I'll vote republican too - LOL... I found it interesting that Billy Graham was a registered Democrat his whole life too. ... I could talk about this for paragraphs long. What it comes down to - we can agree on some things, we can disagree on other... but it doesnt make me dislike anyone for that. The beauty of how God made us - we all have our own opinions & free will. :) ... now, let's get back to Bachlorette posts please. I need to know your thoughts on Claire!!! :) & now Taisha!

    1. Same with the middle of the road!
      I reallllly hope my dad doesn't read this because I voted for Kerry AND Obama and didn't vote in 2012 or 2016. Not proud of it, but I admit it. I GET IT. And, as for the Billy Graham thing: I think the Democrats have just moved farther left. My grandmother was a devout Orthodox Catholic and lifelong Democrat. It makes sense that Billy Graham was too. I *think* the movement of the Democratic party (remember "safe, legal, and rare"?) to the left has made Christianity more synonymous with Republicans.
      When it comes to Covid: I suppose I just don't see what Biden would have done DIFFERENTLY? Like, he called Trump xenophobic for closing the borders in February. And, I suppose, mean tweets aside, what could Trump have done BETTER?

  8. You said exactly what I think. I enjoyed reading this because it was factual and unemotional. I also enjoyed reading all the comments. It is rare that people can be polite when they don’t agree these days and I just want civil, rational conversation. I got it today! Thx!

    1. Thank you!
      For real, though: I was going for unemotional here. We can be passionate about a topic without attacking others.

  9. Clap clap clap! Spot on with all this. I also believe that taxes will go up and the stock market will go down. People already hate the rates they are seeing with banks and its just going to get worse. I didn't have a favorite candidate nationally (I voted Trump however) but state wide we needed our Republican Parson out and it didn't happen. Parson says him not doing anything will rid of the virus as well as Grandpa Joe saying its gone now too. Its becoming more real to me now and we will just have to see. Grab some popcorn and a drink, it's going to get interesting!

  10. I agree with almost all of that. I'm not a fan of Trump the person, but I'm voting for policy. Most people who are against capitalism don't seem to fully understand what it is and what it has done for the world. I could go on and on. I am so tired of the left pointing fingers and going on about how anyone who voted for Trump is a racist, homophobic, uneducated bigot who thinks COVID is a hoax. Yeah, no. It's more about what the left is doing and trying to either cram down our throats or sneakily slide in when we are paying attention to what is being crammed down our throats. I'm all for conversation and I am fine with people having differing opinions, but the name calling isn't ok.


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