October 9, 2020

Do not recommend.

Greatest gif of all time? Yes.

Enola Holmes.
This looked interesting. I'm generally not a Holmes fanatic and British period pieces aren't something I'm drawn to...but Netflix makes good movies. 

It was very pretty to look at. The costumes, the scenery, all of that. The story itself was kind of garbage. Sorry. 

Espresso Chips. I bought these thinking they'd be a fun addition to some trail mix. Three days in a row, I ate maybe a small handful and within hours I ended up with a headache, dizziness, and completely crashed. They made me feel awful. It's just not something I recommend. Not a fan. And I made a batch of pumpkin muffins over the weekend, accidentally put these in instead of regular chocolate chips, and they were inedible. I had to throw them out. What a waste of time. They, like, burned in the oven. I don't know how you'd put them in cookies. 

Tone It Up app. I was legitimately enjoying the Tone It Up app's 14 Day Slay. I was four days in and...then I hit a paywall. A PAYWALL. I couldn't access anymore workouts. So disappointing. I'm not paying $15 a month when I can find workouts online for free otherwise. SO DISAPPOINTING. 

What are you not recommending this week? 


  1. In theory, all the workout apps sound cool. And if you compare them to a gym membership...they are a better deal. HOWEVER, none of those workouts are any better than what you can get on YouTube for free. If you know how to alternate the different workouts (weights, cardio, hitt, hitting different areas of your body) you don't need those at all. That is crazy those expresso chips did that to you! At least you were able to pinpoint it.

  2. I didnt care for the Tone it up App myself... I feel like the work outs are meant to be "pretty"
    I hate you didnt like Enola... I actually was shocked at the ending -LOL - I'm simple minded I guess :)
    UGH on those chips. I have certain chocolate things that just make me feel awful.


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