October 5, 2020

Amazon lately.

September was a big Amazon month here, more for Scott than for me, because we had some projects. He did repair work on our pressure washer, replaced the front quarter panel on my car, and repaired a lawnmower we found on Craigslist, saving us about $1,500 (the cost of a new riding mower). So the random little tools and parts take up most of our Orders page as I'm glancing back through. 

This was on Craigslist for $150. Scott put about $100 and 6 hours into it and now it's as good as new. What a steal. 

Here's what I ordered this past month...

I got this Pilates ball and I don't like it. It's too big. I'll likely grab another URBNFit one. Wells plays with this one now. 

I also got a Pilates ring after 6 years of doing Pilates and it was 100% worth it. Highly recommend a good Pilates ring workout. 

This rolling plastic and metal cart. I needed to put our craft/office supplies into an organized storage method instead of just throwing them into containers. This is great. I like that it's not all metal. 

New Popsocket for my new phone case. I love the understated animal print. I've developed a really affinity for animal print. I will gravitate toward it now. 

I bought Blackout on pre-order for Scott but he's pretty knee-deep in 100 pages of military reading every night for his classes so I'll probably read it first. 

I got You're Not Enough (and that's okay) as a gift for my cousin. 

Hair dryer brush. I'd been putting this off for a very long time and it's ah-maz-ing. I got the one that was reasonably priced with a TON of good reviews. That's my strategy for everything on Amazon. Seriously, it's great. 

Some books for Wells: The Great Pumpkin board book, Little Acorn (we have oak trees and he loves acorns), and Tractor Mac Harvest Time (if there was ever a book series for Wells, it's Tractor Mac, so I'm going to grab the Christmas one too). 

A blogger recommended this soap for kids and it's perfect. I like bubbles for Wells but something that also works as a shampoo. I hated spending almost $20 on two big bottles because you can only buy a two-pack, but it'll last awhile now. 

And...picture frames. Amazon is THE place to buy frames I've found. So much variety and great prices. I'm working on Wells' tractor-themed bedroom so these will have a place on his shelf. 


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  1. I just got that hair dyer brush too... & THEN jsut found it at Sam's club for like $45.00

  2. I just started following Allie Stuckey on instagram. Need to check the book out, I remember you talking about it.

  3. What a great deal on your lawnmower!

  4. Way to go with repairing that mower. Great savings. I read Blackout this month, and it really makes you think. Thanks for linking up with Prime Purchases! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road

  5. I never thought about frames from there. Hmm


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