September 7, 2020

Photo Catch-Up

To start, we went to the zoo over the weekend. It was way too hot to spend a whole day there but a great place to go for the morning. We only saw about half of it, so we'll have to go back when it's cooler. I'd still say it was worth the ticket price. I was impressed by how nice, clean, and natural the whole place was....the exhibits were so spaced out and natural that it was hard to find the actual animals. You were never quite sure what you were looking at/for so you could only see them from a distance. Much preferred to cages! I'm not a huge zoo person because of the cages thing, so this was a good compromise. Plus, it's nice for Wells to see the animals and make the connections. 

Verrrrry patiently waiting for the train ride to start. 

Still waiting. 

Finally got him to look at the camera. 

Wells' new favorite word is "narwhal" so he kept asking for "narwhal" but we couldn't help him there. We did see lots of penguins. 

I feel like I live a few separate lives when it comes to online sharing. 

There's what I put on Instagram, what I put on here, my Twitter self, and the photos I take that get posted nowhere. 

All of those are different. Rarely does it overlap.

Is anyone else like this?'s what I feel like has fallen through the cracks:

Working on repairing the tractor.

Speaking of repairs...a branch fell on my car, maybe a year ago. There was a small dent in the front panel. Scott spent about 16 hours of man labor trying to pop it out, even taking the car apart. He then discovered he could order a new panel for a decent price and install it himself. 

Wells love to fake-sneeze these days. Not awesome when we're at the store. 

A book I didn't finish. I got about 4 chapters in? 

Hunting dogs. 

(Jett fell asleep)

I went to pick up some treats at Sonic after Wells was in bed the other night. They messed up the order so one of these was free. 

Scott cleaning the kill after hunting. 

The dogs had a really good week. 

We have cocktail hour in the late afternoons. Nice, right? Wells gets "tea", which is water, La Croix, and two ice cubes in his sippy cup. 

If you give him a screwdriver, he's busy for 30 minutes. 

Showing Lambie to the camera. 

I pulled out the fall decorations and this is as far as I got. I'm feeling uninspired. 

Scott took Wells to Tractor Supply with him on Saturday and the dogs lost their minds at being left behind (with me). 

We had to sit outside and wait for them to come back. 

Skipped naptime two days in a row. This was 6pm. 

And I finally convinced him to watch Daniel Tiger again and two months of "baby dump truck" (Leo the Inquisitive Truck on Amazon). I didn't want to get too close, lest he see me and ask me to change it. 

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  1. Cocktail hour! Ha. I like it.

    I usually jump to put my fall decorations out on Labor Day weekend. This year I’m not feeling it at all.

  2. I have the opposite fall decor problem. This is our first fall in this house (we moved in right before Thanksgiving last year) and I want to decorate all the things...but no decor to do it with lol. I have ordered a few things, but most everything I wanted from Hobby Lobby and such is sold out online. So annoying. The Zoo sounds like the perfect little trip to have some fun! Penguins are one of my favorites.


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