July 16, 2020

{Currently}: July (2 weeks late but that's cool)

I'm publishing this in mid-July because on July 1st, I had just completed a half-cross-country drive with a 23 month old and moved into a house sans furniture while Scott finished up army business at our previous location in the middle of a global pandemic.

If that's not an excuse, I don't know what is. 

I hate when the "gLoBaL pAnDeMiC" excuse is pulled out as a reference to just how difficult things have become, but it's true. PCSing is not quite as fun (is "fun" the word?) with all of the extra precautions in place. 

Cooking... I'm not. Like I'm just not. 

I did make a batch of rice, bought some guacamole cups, and grabbed a few of these frozen dinners...any of the Amy's are great, but the different enchilada varieties are my favorite. Wells loves them too. 

Photographing... I've been trying to put together birthday thank-you cards for days now. Do you know how difficult this is to do when your child refuses to smile for pictures? He legitimately doesn't smile for pictures. I can't....

Sharing... other peoples' Stories.

Trying... to let Wells do fun things like play in the rain and throw dirt around. It doesn't actually matter and I can't really stop him. 

You can't tell, really, but it was pouring here. ^

Wondering... what these two think about all of this moving around. 

(Also, why can't I just go to bed earlier? It's like 10:30pm right now.)


  1. It’s ok not to cook right now! Those meals are a great idea. Playing in the rain is good for kids! And I love to be out in the rain, too. It looks like you have a nice set up with yard and place for riding toys.

  2. Where did you move?! Leaving the house 5x per week is complete BS. LOLOLOL. Love all your photos.

  3. I used to be someone who NEVER was at home... now, if I have to run to the grocery once a week, i'm like - WHEW - that's exhausting - wont do that again for awhile :)

    I have photographed some kids that just REFUSE to smile... & then you CLICk & then they smile the rest of the day when the camera is put up.

  4. I'm always wondering what dogs, and kids, are thinking. Sometimes I wish I could read minds but would need a turn off switch, ha!

  5. Ahhh yeah I think your use of the global pandemic as an excuse for moving sucking even more than usual, is a pretty dang good use of that excuse. And, I live for your memes you share. That one about leaving the house 5 days per week 😂 that really seems like a lot now


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