July 18, 2020

5 Friday Recommendations...on Saturday

1. This creamer. 

I noticed I was using an obscene amount of coffee creamer. Like, going through a bottle of International Delight per week. At 2 cups of coffee per day...that's a lot of creamer. 

So I told myself that a change would be needed when we moved. My routine hasn't changed *that* much but it was a pivotal moment where I was able to just switch things up by never bringing ID into this house. ...I told Scott about this after the fact, by the way. He was a little appalled when I led with "So I'm not buying coffee creamer anymore..."
 He's one of those who can just use a teaspoon of creamer and is good with that. I need my coffee with no sweetener or I need it with all the milk and sugar. There is no in-between. 

So I grabbed this and I use a splash of it, with a hefty scoop of powdered plain Coffee Mate. Baby steps. 
Anyway, it's really tasty. It's a healthier option, less processed, etc.

I grabbed these for Wells because everyone talks about them. Total internet peer pressure, as I've never seen them IRL. His feet sweat a lot and I wanted a shoe that didn't require a sock and could get wet and be, basically, indestructible. I'm opposed to Crocs in all forms for the silly reason of I despise how they look, so Natives it was. 

They did not disappoint! I love them. What was great about the website is that it told you what shoe was best for what type of foot. Wells has pretty large feet for his age and he has wide feet. The Miles was the recommended shoe and I did go up a size. They were a bit floppy at first but, a month in, his feet must've grown because they fit great. 

I can see this being a yearly purchase, if he can wear them for a major stretch of spring/summer/fall. 

3. Find a field to walk through. It's not our property, since we rent, but it's so relaxing to just be out walking through a field again. 

4. Can we just get back to posting non-pandemic related memes? I'm tired.

(I can't remember if I've shared this ^. I think I just sent it to a friend...)

5. Politics. After some reflecting, I've decided that sharing politics in this space isn't something I want to do. I do want to say that I *recommend* doing your own research. I totally understand how hard it is to find the time and the space and the resources. So I'll happily point you toward resources that I use to keep up with the news if you like! Obviously it's important to understand as much as we can about the world, especially from all angles and POVS if you can. 


  1. I have actually done that before with two things in my hand... doing the wrong thing with them. I accidentally tossed my phone in the garbage can while holding the garbe in the other hand.... it fell straight to the bottom too. It was a mess getting it out.

    i've used that coffee creamer before - dont mind it at all. I still love the Natural Bliss. Ingredients are basically cream & sugar

    I think that's the problem - people go where they THINK has the 'research' & that's as far as they take it. For us, we are luckily *maybe unlucky* who works in the field of science & gets all the info & works hands on with this. Hearing her view on it is so much different than anyone reports. She's said CNN & FOX news are BOTH wrong - they each get parts of it right - part wrong - so then, what is there to believe - especially when so many people stake all their beliefs off of these news outlets ... its a world with TOO much information. Who would have that that could be a thing.

  2. I really loved my coffee creamer. I used the same Sweet Cream Natural Bliss one that Rebecca is talking about above. We used a bottle a week between Chris and I. Since I did Keto in January, I had to completely cut creamer. Here I am 7 months later, drinking black coffee all day every day. I am terrified to buy creamer again and become addicted lol. So I refuse to have any in the house. Natives forever over here. Zoe loves hers, we get them every year.


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