April 17, 2020

Week 5 {making life easier edition}

Instead of boring you with random pictures, I'm going to share what's making my life easier during this locked-down state. I do think I meant to do this yesterday...life, right?

But I'm ready to not be talking about quarantine or lockdowns or facemasks or the news or...all of that. I'm bored. I'm hitting a wall. I just want to eat junk food and nap and just do a quick Target run for allergy eye drops but I can't...so I have to ask Scott to pick them up on his way home from work. I was going to Shipt them but couldn't justify $10 in shipping and thought the order-picker would seriously judge me if I put a bunch of random things in my cart.

So. I'm also making the dogs scrambled eggs for breakfast because I'm too lazy to haul in the new bag of dog food from the garage and Wells is bringing me empty cups and bowls and opening the fridge himself because he wants something to eat/drink and I'm typing this...

While most of us are getting by with lots of Netflix and memes, this is a handful of things that have been helping me lately.  In addition to the Netflix and memes. And naps. I'm really trying to stop napping. It's a product of boredom, I know. 

1. Yoga. I didn't mean to make this a daily routine but it helps so much. 

2. Essential oil diffusing. I don't think I can do candles and wax melts any longer. They're too strong. Diffusing just makes the house smell clean.

3. Bullet journaling my workouts. Makes me feel like I've done something each day. Here's where I do Pilates. Here's where I do barre. Here's the yoga

4. Keeping a basket of to-do tasks on my desk. I've been using this strategy for about a year and it's very helpful. If you can keep everything together and just check off an item or two each day, you'll feel more productive. It includes bills to pay, papers to file, random items to fix, etc.

5. Podcasts. If you can find you a good podcast, you're set for listening to the entire backlog, and then you can get all sorts of cleaning and organizing done. I'm currently podcast-less in terms of needing a good binge-listen, so recommend one!

Also, this week's Show Us Your Books link-up provided a nice amount of distraction, reading everyone's book reviews, adding to my TBR, and requesting ebooks from the library. I AM actually reading a book now, and almost finished with it. 

Happy "weekend"... Are weekends still a thing?


  1. Keep on keeping on! That's all we can do!! I've been setting an alarm to still get up while "working from home" but its hard and I don't think I'm even tired. You're doing the best you can...I don't know about PA, but MO has had cold fronts galore so I can't get outside as much. Boo!

  2. These funnies!!!! Love it - the first one especially with The Princess Bride
    OHHH - bullet journaling!!!! My ears have perked up
    I've been using Daily Burn every day - working out even on Sunday which is not my style - but i've been doing their Sunday yoga/pilates work out to get a good stretch - good for the body AND mind

  3. BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE. That’s been the theme of life lately, truly.

  4. My friend has gifted me several diffusers over the years, and I've tried, but I just can't seem to get into it. I am a wax addict though. I collect warmers (tons of warmers and for all seasons) and have a gigantic wax stash. It's almost embarrassing. My house smells like Yankee Candle but I love it. Lol.


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