April 2, 2020

Week 3.

I would kind of like to fast forward as quickly as possible. To get our country back on track. To get people healthy. To not be hesitant every time I leave the house. To get ON with things already.

But this blog is meant to document and there is no way I'm keeping a paper journal or even a word document with remembrances. So I've been intentionally taking pictures of all of the little things I want to remember. This is Week 3. Here is Week 1 and Week 2.

Wells finds hats and puts them on and then he'll go in search of a pair of shoes. 

My lounge pants are wearing thin. That means I've been lounging a bit too much, I'm guessing?

I made this lentil coconut curry for the second time and we really, really like it. SO easy too.

He was feeding his bear. This is one of the dozen pictures I took. He loved that I loved asking him to feed his bear. 

This is Vector Mechanics for Engineers. Scott had it out for a work project and Wells loved flipping through it and pointing out every "truck" and "tractor" he could find. 

We had a tornado warning on Saturday night, which was just perfection. 
Also, I maintain that one of the hardest parts of military life is trying to figure out where you are on a news channel's weather map when there's a tornado warning. 
This has happened in almost every state now.

This is as flooded as the yard has gotten here so far. And remember I mentioned how the roof was leaking last fall? They replaced the roof a month ago and...it's still leaking. So I'm not sure what the homeowner is planning on doing about that one, long-term.

This is an awful parenting hack, but I do use it: Wells loves milk so much. He also likes water. But sometimes he just wants to drink milk all day. To get him to drink water in those moments when he won't stop asking for milk ("mmmNAH" is how he says "milk"), I fill his bottle with water first.  
Then I make sure he's watching and I pour a teaspoon or so of ginger ale or Pedialyte or gatorade (whatever we happen to have open) into it. 
He gets such a kick out of it and thinks it's a really special treat. 
He'll take his bottle and yell "bye!" and walk off into the living room with it. 
He does the same when I give him snacks..."Bye!"

We went for a walk over the weekend and Wells saw his first snake. 

The trail was packed, of course. I don't know if people were dying for conversation or what but, because Scout was being particularly bad, Scott had to shock him. He yelped so loud that a man stopped and asked if he'd gotten bit by a snake.


Then, when Scott spotted these two baby garter snakes, he hunched over the ground and picked one up to show Wells, and another man stopped to ask what we were looking at.


And that's the end of Week 3.

So far Week 4 has included Scott fixing a broken doorknob and me going to Walmart. You'll have to come back next week to read about that.

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  1. Wells is just adorable. I love the photo of him feeding his bear ♡

  2. Those memes are great. I am SO READY for this to end. I’m completely over it.


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