April 7, 2020

Amazon lately...

I think this was the month that Amazon saved us all. If you aren't a fan of Amazon, maybe rethink that.

Note: There's no affiliate links here. This is just what I needed (or wanted) and bought and wanted to share with you all!

I grabbed this essential oils set. I would never spend this much normally, but I'm stuck at home now and like the house to smell good. This was the brand of oils that originally came with our diffuser two years ago and I liked them so much more than the ones I've been ordering on the cheap. Again, please check to see which are harmful to pets before you start diffusing!

Wells needed a trim. His hair was constantly sticking out around his ears. He doesn't have a ton of hair but it seems to be very fine so I thought I could just snip a bit here or there. Then, all of a sudden, his hair just started lying flat. It's like it grew to a point where it didn't stick out anymore? But now I have the hair-cutting scissors.

Baby wipes.

I looked to put together a Prime Pantry box with emergency snacks and almost everything was sold out. These were the only peanut butter-based items I could find, as well as the only tortilla chips I could find. Also, shelf-stable coffee creamer. I don't know what I would do without an emergency stash of creamer. I'm pretty weak, tbh.

Reusable diapers. This is for an actual apocalyptic emergency situation. They're adjustable and probably worth having on hand.

K-Cups. Because could you even imagine?

I grabbed this LCD Writing Tablet for Wells, thinking it'd be great for a sick day or a car ride. He doesn't understand it. I put it away for a later date.

I got these friction vehicles for Wells' Easter basket. I think I might put one in his basket and just pull the others out as needed, in case of emergencies.

My go-to highlights. More expensive than normal (usually it's about $11) but still much less than the $100+ I'd pay at a salon. They turned out really well this time! I buy a box every 3 months or so.

I grabbed this shampoo/conditioner for blond highlights. Love it so far.

And my guilty-pleasure purchase: I tend to get a new phone case every six months or so. It just makes me happy. I ordered "gold" but pretty sure they sent me rose gold. Whatever. Everything I buy tends to be rose gold these days anyway.

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  1. We have prime and yes I find I'm using it more especially since I found TP on it...supposed to arrived Friday...and it's not TP that's being sold by Joe Schmo, ha! Let's see if it comes!

  2. I need to place a Prime order but trying to do it all at once so the delivery guy doesnt have to do his usual "Stop by the Vincents every single day" routine :)

  3. I think I had to check the Target website like 10x a day for over a week to finally order diaper and wipes while they were in stock! Reusable diapers are such a good idea for emergencies-- just in case, because you really never know.


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