March 24, 2020

Week 2.

This little puppy pull-along toy. The cord is so short that Wells can't even pull it while he's walking. It's too safe. So I made it much less safe by attaching this giant rope to it. This is the VTech version. Our friends have the Fisher Price one. It comes with a longer cord. I should've just gotten the Fisher Price one.

One of those such purchases. 

I often find Wells under the table rolling around with a dog toy. 

Also, I ordered a new vacuum on Saturday. You see, ours stopped working. A piece was broken and rendered it unusable. I worked on it for half an hour, did a quick 20 minutes of research, ordered a new one, and then, later, tried the vacuum again and got it to work. 
Which makes sense. 

He did this on his own. Then I handed him the book to teach him some good habits.

Throwback to a simpler time. 
Google Photos has much better archives than IG or TimeHop, if you like that kind of thing.

Finding a relic of that simpler time in the garage. I called it a quail. Apparently it's a dove decoy. 

We did grill chicken last night. Wells terrorized dogs. 

It's not often that I screenshot someone's IG stories, but this was too good.'s it going?


  1. I love that meme about the decades! Genius to add a longer string for Wells. It always amazed me what my boys were obsessed with and wanted to play with constantly.
    Your potatoes look awesome - I do that in a skillet and add some Everything But the Bagel Seasoning. One boy has been requesting them for breakfast. They are very spoiled right now - I am a short order breakfast cook. Hey - it gives me something to do and I hope I am helping them cope with this situation. Every day I am asking if they are o.k. mentally and emotionally. I'm sure they love that!

  2. The bank decided to lockdown further and out us on rotation so we are at home. I'm thankful for that but Keith's like you cant be by me with my zoom teacher stuff. No worries friend, ha!

  3. What I can't believe is that we are only really on week 2 of this. It seems like 6 months! I could not stop laughing at that last picture, which is exactly how I feel! Yikes.


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