February 7, 2020

Friday 5.

1. If you haven't noticed, I've really been trying to blog every week day. It gives me a structure I wouldn't have otherwise. Because the only anchor to my week...not kidding...is knowing we have toddler time on Wednesday mornings. Any appointments or playdates get filled in after that, and then I plan anything else on spare days.
Blogging gives the week a scaffold.
I did miss a day last week because I was sick. And then this past week, I felt so awful on Wednesday that I just couldn't get it together.
I mean, we went to toddler time because I needed to get him out of the house but I took a two-hour nap when we came home and I woke up feeling worse. I just cannot kick whatever I had last week. I haven't even been taking pictures so I don't have much to share. Yesterday was about knocking out my to-do list because I felt better.

Leaving the house with a cucumber in tow.


This sweater from Target. It's the Knox Rose brand and I hate that I paid full-price for it but it's pretty great. Mine is more of a blush/gray, not the ivory that's on the site. It is reminiscent of the $64 sweaters Stitchfix would send me in 2015 and I just couldn't justify all the time, but I maybe had one or two. Long enough to wear with leggings, short enough to tuck in the front with pants. 10/10 so far.
(I got a large so it'd be big so I'd say this runs a bit smaller.)

3. Coconut Lentil Curry Bowl. I made this last night and please go to the website for pictures. It was SO GOOD.
I added extra chicken broth but it still turned out very much like a stew.
I used green lentils because I couldn't find red ones and I checked at two stores.
I omitted the kale because kale is disgusting.
And I roasted the chickpeas and added them at the end.

I made some rice noodles to have with it because I had them on hand, but skip that and just go for some naan. I would 100% have naan on hand next time.

10/10 for this recipe. It was SO EASY too. Wells would not stop eating it.

4.  Funny stuff:

Not curbs, but the trash can. I've hit it three times in the last 6 months. 

5. If you made it through 5 hours of The Bachelor this week, bless you.

MyKenna has the BEST nails. Have you noticed?

Also, Tammy is a bully and Peter is the worst Bachelor. He's so bad at this. It's just really unappealing. I liked him a lot on Hannah's season. He only likes girls who cry to him.

Victoria F. is stupid and mean and I really like Kelley because she has legitimate common sense about her, but Peter doesn't like that. He likes whispering and crying.

I think they're all a little ridiculous and, since Peter is the worst, it's just a dumb season. I can't see this ending well.

ICYMI this week:

Homemade Taco Seasoning

Amazon Lately

My February Goals


  1. I love all your funny stuff. I also exist on structure and know certain days are bible study, others, grocery, etc.

  2. Ohhh I just casually hit and knocked over my parent's trash can yesterday too. I do it every time I back out of their driveway on garbage day. Oops? LOL

  3. I snorted laughed at the receipt meme - that is totally me!!!!
    Funny you mentioned McKenna's nails... they bother me... they look too short with a weird shape to me. I even commented out loud one night, whats wrong with her nails. & now I feel like I'm #Nailshaming
    But I'm so sad about Tammy - I really liked her at first & man, what a disappointment.
    Kelley is too good for this show. Seriously - Peter is just ridiculous... Kelley called him perfectly on him rewarding the drama... insert clip of him pulling random roses out of the air for anyone who is crying. OVER IT. Can we PLEASE get a cast that is in their late 20's or early 30's please????

  4. I gave up on bachelor this week. I'll watch this weekend probably bit I turned mondays off as I was like eh.

  5. I’ve only made it halfway through the first bachelor episode this week and woof. This season is a disaster. I can barely even pay attention. These girls make my brain hurt.

  6. I love the Knox Rose brand! I always pick up a piece or two each season. I will have to try out that recipe, I do love a good curry.


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