February 6, 2020

February Goals and January recap

Looking back at January... << that's what I said I would do and down below here is what I actually did.

Uh, they're different.

1. Bed by 10. Nope. I did try. And some nights I went to bed at 8:30-9:00, easily. But I didn't have a hard and fast rule of bed by 10pm.

2. Gym. Instead of going to the gym, I did the opposite and I quit the gym.
But I did track my workouts. In January, I did yoga (10-30 minutes, depending) 22 times. I did Pilates (10-40 minutes) 16 times. I did Barre (20-40 minutes) 6 times.

This is going to sound a bit odd, but when I do these monthly self-imposed yoga challenges, I notice the biggest change in tone. It does things for me when it comes to muscle tone that I don't realize it's doing.

Having quit the gym, I got MORE done this month when it came to physical activity. Good for me.

3. Re-pack the decorations. I actually did 95% of this. I have one tub that's extra full and probably need to buy another one for the overflow. I have plenty of cardboard boxes, but I don't like putting decorations in cardboard because these decorations live in these tubs most of the year and damage is more likely with cardboard.

4. I did not schedule an eye appointment. The place I called was being weird about Tricare (it's a national chain and right down the street so I thought that was a safe bet). She asked for my insurance's name, put me on hold, asked me for my insurance card, I told her I didn't have an insurance card but I had a military ID.
She put me on hold.
Then she said to call the number on the back of my insurance card and ask them.

I need to get this taken care of at some point. I have a dentist appointment in March so it'd be awesome if I could get an eye appointment the same day or so, and get my mom to come visit so she could watch Wells and I could knock all of this out at once. << these are the things I think about all day.

1. No spend month.
February is a short month. I splurged on a little bit of everything since my birthday was in January and I thought Why not?. Now I'm going to track expenses, aside from regular bills. It's always interesting to see how others spend money.

2. Clean out spice cabinet and pantry.
I have this pipe dream: I would love to not have to pack up 79 bottles of spices to move again this summer. I've been on a mission to use up as many spices as possible, including making my own taco seasoning instead of buying packets. I've been thinking about whittling down the spices since we moved in. Scott has a habit of buying duplicates and you only need so much chili powder, you know?

So I need to overhaul this:

And I haven't sorted out the pantry since last spring. It's not in complete disarray but I remember the last time I organized it. I rode that productivity high for a week. I felt like I was accomplishing nothing that month and just thinking about how I had organized the pantry made me feel like a million dollars.

3. Print pictures. I haven't ordered sets of prints in a few months. It's that time again.

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  1. Yay for quitting the gym and getting in more workouts anyway! Steph (Not Entirely Perfect) did a no spend month and also tracked the things she would have bought, so I'm doing that while I'm in no spend mode. Good luck with February goals!!

  2. I hope your eye appointment works out! That's so frustrating. And how awesome you're working out more now that you quit the gym! It's not for everyone, that's for sure.


  3. I've printed pictures but they are still on their packages waiting to be used!

  4. It sounds like quitting the gym was definitely the right choice! I need to take the time to queue up some workout YouTube videos. I have cleaning out our spice cabinet on my list for February too-- so random!

  5. I need to print some pictures myself - I'm wanting to redo all the living room tables

  6. lol i laughed about quitting the gym. interesting about the challenges! sounds like it really works for you :) i hope you're able to sort the eye doctor out. i keep meaning to pick a day and do all of my appointments on the same day. and then i keep putting it off some more lol.

  7. Spice cabinets are the worsttttt. SO many duplicates. UGH! lol

  8. I actually kind of love that you quit the gym. I’m not ready for that because I don’t trust myself to workout regularly at home.

    I too need to start getting into bed no later than 10. Sometimes it’s just difficult. I’m working on my pantries as well. I have SO much cabinet space. When they’re organized, they’re basically half empty.


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