January 23, 2020

Stuff and Things 1/23

+Barre workouts at home. Since I made a big deal about quitting the gym and getting workouts done at home, I figured I should share some of what I'm doing. I started just clicking around on Youtube the other day and came across some different barre workouts.
I did a few over the weekend that I should've bookmarked! Then I did this 25 minute one last night. I broke an actual sweat and had to put shorts on halfway through.

+TV this week...

Cheer. I finally watched this over the weekend and it wasn't at all what I expected. I found it interesting, for sure. I also found that it was the opposite of the competitive cheer documentary I  had assumed it would be; there were no stage parents, aside from Gabi's. The kids were mostly in this on their own. Many came from hard childhoods. Morgan and Jerry's stories were really sad.
Also, it seemed like some of these kids had NO skills when it came to college. Like, the most they required of themselves academically was taking an online course, together, in a library, with an adult hovering over them to make sure they did it. At a community college.
They had these coaches/trainers helicoptering over them to make sure they did the basic requirements of life and that, to me, was the sad part. Eating, sleeping, doing laundry (Gabi's parents, especially). Like, just survive, please. I don't quite trust the university system at this point, as there's a lot of preying on 18 year olds when it comes to loans and ideologies. We're not setting up future adults for the success needed to become contributing members of society.
But many, many 18-19 year olds have figured out things without the hovering and hand-holding that was happening here.
Monica runs a tight ship and I liked that part of it. She has high expectations. But she only seemed to have those expectations because she needed those students to compete.
It seemed a little like high school to me.

Schitt's Creek.
I tried to watch a few episodes of this awhile back and there's something about Catherine O'Hara that makes me want to ....not watch anymore. She's so shrill. I just can't. I think this stems back to Beetlejuice being my least favorite movie ever and I just can't watch this without seeing her in that. For some reason, she's easy to ignore in Home Alone.
But Scott had watched season one at some point and said the siblings were funny enough to keep at it. So we started from the beginning. It's definitely hilarious.

Aaron Hernandez documentary.
I only have watched the first two episodes.
I think it's safe to say that Hernandez LITERALLY videotaped himself and his fiancee committing criminal acts using his own security system. Handed that case to the police. Just plain handed it to them.
Also, this was in 2013? I do not remember this happening. At all.
But I do need to finish this limited series this weekend so I can catch up with the rest of the world.

We watched both seasons of this two weeks ago. If you like crude British humor, it's for you. It was incredibly depressing in many ways but the storyline was enthralling. I couldn't wait to see what would happen next and where the story would go. (Did I already talk about this show? I feel like I did?)

+I read two books over the weekend. I'll talk about them more come February book link-up time, but both were really great.

+If you missed me talking about sweatpants yesterday, these are my outdoor/general purpose sweatpants. I don't wear them away from the yard unless I'm walking the dogs. 

And some random funny things...

I suppose I'll have some Bachelor thoughts tomorrow? I feel like there's not much to say but once you're this far into the canon of useless knowledge, it seems silly to stop now. 


  1. That sometimes for puke bowl... YEPPPP
    What made me so sad for Cheer is how they are like, after your last year, that's it - nothing... like they work so hard for nothing in the end.
    I was so glad when I heard Jerry was at UL - that's literally across the street from me at work... but then I saw he's back down there. All that attention, you know they want to keep him & get all the liimelight on their school with him

  2. Ooo thanks for sharing that workout! I've been doing at home workouts lately too and ones that I found on YouTube, so I am excited to try that one!

  3. I’m watching Cheer right now and I feel the same way. It’s sad. They devote everything to cheerleading, and then it’s all over. And none of them have any future plans. Gabi’s family stresses me out!


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