January 22, 2020

A downhill slide...

I told Scott he needs to have a come-to-Jesus with me. I wear pajamas constantly. Like, *nice* pajamas, though. Clothes you wouldn't suspect to be pajamas. Modal joggers (size down!), zip-ups, etc.

But I'm in this current habit of having "nice" sweatpants for going outside. Like, you shouldn't have "nice" sweatpants.

This is a big push toward getting a job, truthfully. I'd be forced to wear actual clothes. I miss it.

This seems like the dumbest problem in the world, but it's a reality if you don't have to get dressed every day. Why would you? I used to use my weekends for sweats, no make-up, and no hair styling because I could. Now all the days blend together.

I do tell myself that if I do my hair a bit and put on make-up, it negates the sweatpants. Thoughts?

But, on Monday, we went out for the afternoon and I wore this.

(It's fine. I don't love it. It's not overly flattering but the puffy look is okay once in awhile. I got a medium.)
The jeans are a still a winner (I should've tucked in the sweatshirt, huh?)

I tend to use animal print as a neutral, but it was really cold out, so I ended up just putting on my Uggs instead of wearing these shoes to walk through the city. I want to like these Target sneakers more than I actually do :(

And, when Scott saw what I was wearing, he said You look nice. Jeans and a sweatshirt = nice now, I guess.


  1. LOL!!! I actually have a pair of "nice sweatpants" too :)
    Hey - there's nothing wrong with your husband thining you look nice no matter what you wear - some women would kill for that.
    I bet once warmer weather comes, the sweats will all get tucked away.

  2. same boat, girl....same boat. when i wear jeans and tshirt, people are like why are you all dressed up?


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