December 30, 2019

Goals: December Recap and onto January

Looking back at December...

Christmas presents. Check.

Bake Christmas cookies. Check again.

Paint my nails. I did this for 3 weeks, solid. A new color each week. Then...they were all chipped when I went home for the week of Christmas and I took the polish off and never put any back on and my nails were annoyingly long so I cut them (and then bit them). And...well, maybe I'll go get a manicure this coming month.

Overhaul my diet. This was meant to mean that I would eat more protein and less bread.  I did keep up with it pretty well for a few weeks, then I started to get stressed out with packing/traveling. It wasn't that I fell into a huge pit of holiday eating; it was more that I just didn't want to think about it anymore.


Cardio. Gawd. I hate this. I hate saying I want to start going back to the gym in January. I hate that this almost-18 month old has some serious separation anxiety issues that rear up at random times and in random circumstances.
But I NEED (NEED) the endorphins that go along with cardio if I'm to function as a happy human. There's no way around it. Scott and I may start taking him together in the evenings. Or I may just be forced to get out of the house at 8am each day, to get him to childcare before anyone else shows up and then I might have a fighting chance of 20 minutes on a cardio machine before he starts wailing.
This is so much work and so demotivating. And NO WONDER moms have trouble getting into shape sometimes. This is a hurdle that I did not foresee. THIS (THIS) is why people buy Pelotons, I'm certain.

Go to bed before 10. As in, lights out by 10pm. Not in-bed-on-my-phone or in-bed-with-a-book. In bed, going to sleep. I find this is much easier when Scott is home, versus when I'm at home with Wells alone. When Wells is asleep and I'm confronted with a few hours of anything-i-want-to-do, I tend to go a little crazy, reading things online and watching TV until 10:30pm. My definition of crazy is pretty loose.

Re-pack decorations. This seems pretty on par with what most peoples' resolutions tend to be: organize. For me, I need to take down all of Christmas, re-pack all of my fall decorations and also re-pack all of the Christmas ones. As well as dig out whatever I had up and around before I took a bunch of decorations down to put up fall and Christmas. It's a process. But it's more complicated that it has to be because I need to have everything organized and re-packed in the most efficient way possible since we're moving this coming year. I might need to buy another tote. My goal, really, is to have this part of life/the basement organized by the end of the month but we'll see. It might go into February.

And some random:

I think I may add in some yoga each day (LOL)...or maybe just 10 minutes a few times a week, in addition to my 15-30 minutes of Pilates that I really strive to do daily.  I don't put a lot into the language or the thinking or even the breathing aspect of yoga, but the flow and the stretching makes a huge difference in how I feel. I always turn the videos off before the final shavasana because it's boring. This is why I don't go to actual yoga classes.

And I need to schedule an eye doctor appointment. I'm running out of contacts. This involves calling my insurance company to find out who accepts Tricare and then finding a place nearby. Fun.

Also, I need to figure out what I want for my birthday. I have a few ideas but I tend to procrastinate this. January birthdays are hard.

What are your goals for January? I'm more into monthly goals, not year-long something-or-others that I'll forget about by February (that's a that for you, not for me kind of personal preference).


  1. Yoga with Adriene is sooo good. You can choose some shorter ones too!

  2. I need to get my eye exam scheduled... time to try contacts again for me.
    Cracks me up how opposite we are with the yoga/cardio thing. I love me some cardio & excited to get back into it myself!

  3. I'm a big believer in monthly goals, too! (Of course, I'm a fanatic about all goals, really, seeing as I do weekly goals, monthly goals, new year's resolutions, AND a 101 in 1001 list, lol). I just had another baby (my third), so my goals for January aren't *too* crazy!

  4. Seriously. The getting in shape thing is so hard. I took gracie on long walks when she was little, but she’s past the stroller phase now, and bringing her with me doesn’t really work either. My gym doesn’t have childcare, plus we live in a rural area, so it’s 20 minutes away. I have to wait for James to get home and then go at dinner time. It’s just a mess. I’ll walk outside in the summer, but I live on a country road with no sidewalks and cars zoom past me and nearly hit me every time. There are no good options!

  5. I need to find an eye doctor too but I'm so scared! I've only gone to the same place since I was in 5th grade and they've always had the latest technology. I've never had to have my eyes dilated because they were so ahead of the game on tech that could get that info another way (Already eliminated one place because they specifically stated on website they use dilation - that's a nope). But I'm going to need new contacts soon. Good news is my new insurance will make it a cheap visit and if I hate them, I didn't waste a lot of money.


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