December 12, 2019

Christmas Cookies 2019

Every year, I make a list of what I'll be making for Christmas. Some years my list is more detailed than others. I'd show you a picture of this year's list, but I already threw it away because it's mostly complete.

Realizing there's only 2 more weekends until Christmas means there's not too much time left to plan out holiday baking. For years, I only did my baking and treat-making on the weekends because of work and, now, it seems so strange and counterproductive, but weekdays still feel too busy to really dive into big baking projects. I tend to make treats in steps now. If it can't be completed in half a naptime*, it takes more than one day.

*I treat a "naptime" as a unit of measurement.

I'm most excited and relieved this year that we will be seeing family for Christmas and not flying to get there as we have in the past, so I can easily transport all of these. All can definitely be made ahead of time, which is my strategy as I work through December. Doing all of this in one day would lead to some serious burnout.

Peppermint Fudge
My favorite. This is so easy and so incredibly good. It's everything Christmas treats should be. I prefer fudge to cookies in a weird way so I always add some to a cookie tray. This one, I doubled, and stuck in the freezer so I'll pack it up into little treat bags to hand out, instead of just putting it into a cookie tin.

Spiced Nuts
This is a recipe I've made for a few years now and I don't see myself giving it up; it's perfect for gifting. Very easy and incredibly good. I doubled-it this year and still have a bit of spice mixture left over so I may make one more batch. Don't be afraid of the cayenne! It's what makes them perfectly seasoned.

Sugar Cookies
I don't even like sugar cookies very much. I think they're rewarding to make and they're fun to look at when they're decorated. Otherwise...meh. I don't mess around though: I swear by this recipe and I don't roll them in sugar. It's way too messy and unnecessary. I just use a little flour to roll out and cut the dough.

Molasses Snickerdoodles
I haven't made these yet, but I'm thinking I may get to them this weekend. They're the perfect spice cookie. Not too strong, but they have some flavor and aren't just a sweet sugar cookie.

What are you making this year???


  1. I love me some basics - sugar cookies - chocolate chips. YUMMMM

  2. Sugar cookies are super cute but they're definitely not the tastiest. I have a molasses ginger cookie recipe that I love, and a cookie that has an Andes mint chocolate candy in the middle--those are my two favorites that I really want to get around to making for Christmas, and to share with neighbors, etc. Also, I totally laughed at naptime as a unit of measuring time and I also totally get it.

  3. I've never made fudge but I feel like I really need to. Lol. It's so indulgent and GOOD!

  4. Naptime is definitely a unit of measure! I was hoping to make chocolate crinkle cookies this year, but so far have only done my standard chocolate chip. The spiced nuts is a good idea. I have a recipe I always forget about but is delicious and easy!


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