October 23, 2019

Coffee Talk...

I've seen a lot of coffee talk posts lately, so here we go.

Currently, I'm on my first cup...a Starbucks Veranda K-Cup, with 2% and International Delight Frosted Sugar Cookie creamer. That was a purchase I immediately regretted and meant to get more of my regular creamer yesterday (ID Sweet Cream) but forgot. I'm honestly just proud that I made it to the store yesterday and managed to cook dinner.

Wells is eating breakfast. He requires breakfast immediately upon waking and is refusing his pancakes so, until I make more pancakes (maybe today, maybe next week), I'm a slave to scrambling an egg at 7am before I've even had coffee.

I meant to get up early, but...I never understood how people said they "chose sleep" over other things. Like, how? I hate sleep. I always have. If I wasn't required to do it, I wouldn't. It's a waste of time. Luckily, I had a baby who also hated sleep, or long stretches of it anyway. He's a napper.

But I think my body and brain are still psychologically recovering from broken baby sleep. Like, I'm just *now* getting to the point where I sleep restfully again and I've learned that if I don't take the opportunity to "sleep when he sleeps", I will be miserable later on in the day. It's a trade-off.

So while Wells went to bed at 7pm, I went to bed at 10pm (because things to do around the house) and while Wells woke up at 3:30 (I changed him real quick, gave him a drink of water, and told him it was time to go back to sleep), my best intentions of sneaking out of bed at 6:00 to write this post were thwarted by decent sleep so I took it and got up at 7:00 when Wells woke up for the day.

Scott has the day off because Donald Trump is speaking in Pittsburgh today. They have shut down most of downtown and people are physically unable to get into the offices so most are working from home. Since Scott doesn't work at a computer, he just gets a random day off. He's taking the dogs hunting. I'm sure they'll come back covered in ticks...again. It's just a losing battle.

I thought about using today to get my act together, but we have Toddler Time this morning and I need to stop at the library...maybe Wells will take a nice nap and I can catch up on everything because last week was kind of a crapshoot.

Most of my days are spent following him and, therefore, no pictures of his face.

After Friday's post, Wells had an appointment for two vaccines plus a flu shot. He then had a playdate, which was very successful, so hopefully that will happen again soon.

Saturday morning, I drove 3.5 hours to see Scott's family (Scott was already there...we had stayed in Pittsburgh for Wells' Friday appointment). On the way, Wells threw up everywhere. That added 30 minutes to the trip because I had to clean him up the best I could at a rest stop. Another person would've been super handy in this situation. I'm assuming it was a vaccine reaction because he's never thrown up in the car before.

His *extra* outfit I've kept in the car. Scott's hat from the 1980s. 

Then, it was onto my parents' house early Monday morning for my aunt's funeral. 
Regrettably, among other things, I didn't see much of the funeral #because15monthold. 
I never considered that it'd be hard to take him there. I didn't really have a choice: Scott had to work 3 hours away in Pittsburgh on Monday and I remember going to funerals when I was a kid but Wells doesn't understand anything yet when it comes to "quiet" and "still". 
So he just ran around the parking lot, which my aunt would've loved to see anyway, I'm sure. 

There's no good transition from that, and I shared a bit on IG the other day, but here's a few things I've been screenshotting/making note of lately.

I could never vote for Tulsi Gabbard because her foreign policy is...questionable, but I do think she represents whatever common sense is left in the Democratic party. 

"Personification of rot" is Shakespearean. I love it. 

Constantly labeling your personality may mean you have too much time on your hands. I am an introvert who gets my energy from being alone but I also like to balance that with being around people. It's like a 70/30 balance. I don't see why I need to go deeper than that without accidentally falling into a pit of self-worship. 

I gave a Ruth Ware book 5 stars. I'm as shocked as you are. This was SO GOOD though. Like, seriously. If you like audiobooks, do the audio. It was spooky, delightful, and tragic all at the same time. 

Alright. That's enough for today. Enjoy your coffee. 
Make sure it's not decaf. Because that's not coffee. 


  1. Tulsi is my favorite of all the Democrats! I mean, I still wouldn't vote for her but she's at least not absolutely crazy...

  2. I used to feel the same way about sleep... but after my surgeries, I took a turn with it. It was the only time I wasn't in pain.
    Man, everywhere shuts down when Trump is in town... he was literally across the street from us & we had to still work. That was aggravating with all the traffic.

  3. I like sleep, way too much. For real, it's a little over the top. Wells looks adorable in Scott's hat. Sorry to hear about the loss of your aunt.


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