September 2, 2019

September Goals (and a look back at August)

Here's the August post and what I accomplished:

Finish baby book. Almost. I need to order pictures from the last 3 months and put those in and then it will be done. That's the on the to-do list for next week.

Set up savings account for Wells. Done.

Clean out Facebook lists. Yes. I did this but I didn't actually start using Facebook again. I need to update pictures, etc.

Goodwill donations. Done. I started a new pile in the basement as well.

Listen to an audiobook. Nope. Not even a little. I thought about it many times and then clicked to another podcast or turned on Pandora instead. Whatever.

Sell things.  Now that I'm back on Facebook and I joined a local buy/sell/free group, I have a bunch of stuff I want to sell. A stroller, a travel crib, etc. In particular, I have a few baby things that I just didn't like and wouldn't use again even if we did have another baby. Some things I could even sell on here if anyone is interested: I have a Zipadee Zip that he despised but those things have amazing reviews, and I have mesh crib bumpers that just didn't work for us, and I have a Puj tub that I never really got the hang of using.

In other goals related to Wells: sort his clothes and take stock of what he needs for fall. Sizing is so hard! I have all of his old clothes in tubs in the basement, but I need to go through his room and figure out what doesn't fit. I've discovered that keeping current on baby clothes-sizing is a part-time job.

Then, there's a lot of little things I just want to take care of: Order new fall soaps. I don't do candles because I prefer Scentsy, but I always stock up on soap at BBW for each season. Get Wells new sneakers because he's really starting to walk and his current ones, I'm betting, are too small. Print pictures from the last 3 months. I use Snapfish. I also need to contact the state of Alaska about a military exemption for my driver's license and I need to look into renewing our lease for 6 months. I found all of that on my calendar for September, when I checked out Google Calendar (which I live by each day, it seems).

Oh, and a Halloween costume for Wells needs to be thought up.

Also, maybe I'll try to read at least two books. Shameful, I know. I have one from the library I just got the other day because it was a hold from two months ago. And I do occasionally buy a 99 cent book on my Kindle if I see someone has posted a good deal and the book looks interesting/is recommended.


  1. i'm also on those fb sell groups and i have to say, some of the buyers are annoying! but i guess that comes with the territory when you sell stuff online.

  2. Just ordered a photo book from Snapfish. Was looking for somewhere to make a book so good timing. Was able to order a book and two canvas prints for $60 shipped, not bad. Thanks for mentioning!

  3. I didn't sort Cyrus's clothes, as he grew out of them I just threw them in bags stored in the highest level of the built-in wardrobe in his bedroom...and I definitely know that laziness is going to come back to haunt me when it comes time to take down the bags and sort them by size and wash and get ready for baby. It probably would have been much smarter to sort them as I went...I know we'll find 12 month and 3 month clothes thrown in the same bag, but there's only 4 or 5 bags of baby stuff so I don't think it'll take too long. Also need to wash all the stuff like the bouncer seat and carseat, etc. Planning on one big baby prep day, sometime in October, call my baby sisters over to help, and feed them pizza. It's a brilliant scheme.

  4. I need to post things on our FB yard sale. I just hate dealing with the people who are so wishy-washy on there.
    Good for you setting up that savings account for Wells. Such ADULTING :)

  5. Funny story about soaps...I bought 1 last year for fall and out it away at Christmas. ran out of soap and needed something fast over the summer and grabbed the autumn one. I think itll last me through this fall too, ha!

  6. Soaps from BBW are life. I bought close to 50 a couple of years ago and I am still working through that stash LOL!


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