September 4, 2019

Currently in September.

Making... the following picture isn't exactly appetizing, because quinoa night is always a mess for me to clean up. BUT this easy, easy, easy Quinoa Enchilada Casserole is a huge hit with Wells. It's my #1 go-to meal for a quick dinner and I've been making it since 2014.  It's good as leftovers and you can keep all of the ingredients in the pantry.

Wells shovels it in with both hands. 
I've been cleaning quinoa out of the bathtub for two nights in a row now. 

Taking... the wrong exit. I drive between my hometown and Pittsburgh about once a month and I've been doing this since December. It's muscle memory, which roads to take. However, I realized the road looked a little different on Monday and realized I'd missed a turn-off. Then, I started seeing signs for the Flight 93 Memorial and thought it was a nice day and I had time so I might as well stop. It was just me and Wells.

I would *like* to get back for a day trip (it's about an hour from here) with another adult along so I could really go through the exhibit and we could walk the trails. I thought about this weekend, but being the weekend before the anniversary of 9/11, it'll probably be packed. I'm just assuming, anyway.

Having been to Ground Zero, I feel like there is much more feeling attached to this "random field" in the middle of Pennsylvania. But maybe that's just because it's so close to home.

Discovering... Wells loving on his vacuums. This is actually a carpet scrubber, which is even more impressive to him than a regular vacuum. (Note: it was not plugged in.)

Consuming... all things fall. I'm not buying decorations, but I'm digging out my box of decorations and will hopefully spend any free time looking through that this week.
This was the one new thing I bought and it's literally just some leafy decor from Hobby Lobby. Buying new things to set up in a house we'll not be in for more than one fall seems pointless. Last year, I didn't set up my decorations since we were, again, only there for 8ish months and I think they were in storage. So, this is one step up, right?

Saving... screenshots. I screenshot everything. Everything. Here's a sample from the last few days.

 Lately, I have had this crazy obsession with reading podcast reviews. (Notice, I was listening to Matt Walsh and reading about Here to Make Friends.)
So this is a review of Here to Make Friends, which I've said has gotten under my skin in recent months. 
It's all super true. I still listen most weeks but it can be a slog. It's not as flat-out enjoyable as it used to be, circa 2016. 

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Also, I posted some September goals on Monday if you're interested in seeing what I'm *loosely* planning to accomplish this month.


  1. I can’t wait to make that quinoa bake! I have made quinoa Mac and cheese! My boys loved couscous and that would be fun for you to clean, too!

  2. I screen shot so many things too. Sometimes taking the wrong exit can lead to new experiences, just like yours.

  3. I dont rush to listen to How to Make Friends either because man - talk about being PC on everything - some of the things they 'stand for' I just roll my eyes...I just appreciate the podcasts that make me laugh more than anything.
    Love Wells gnawing on a cord. The life of a toddler

  4. YESSS on the dog pills. We finally had to switch Dakota to getting the flea shot in office because he straight up refuses any kind of pill EVER.

    I love the leafy decor! Very pretty.

  5. Oh boy, that high chair photo cracked me up. And the baby "quote" too - when my kid was smaller I used to think often of how disorienting it must be to wake up to different people being around, or to wake up in some different place that your parents carted you off to while you fell asleep in the car.

  6. I love Wells' face in the chewing on the cable photo.

    That casserole looks amazing. I'm definitely going to have to make it (or a version of it with ingredients I can get here).

  7. We have peas everywhere right now, since that's the new thing Connor is trying. I found some in his crib the other night. Guess he's saving them for a midnight snack :)

  8. i make something similar to that quinoa enchilada casserole and it's so good. omg that first meme about being a baby made me crack up.

  9. I haven't made quinoa enchilada casserole in a while. I think I have some enchilada sauce frozen in my downstairs freezer.


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