September 18, 2019

Currently 9/18/19

I don't really do "currently" posts anymore and I'm not sure why, but it seems like a good fit for the middle of each month.

Each of these seems like the answer would be simple but they all kind of turn into a turkey trail've been warned.

Doing. Fall decorating. Just for the sake of this blog and this army life, here's a few pictures of where my decorations are this year.

I've realized that I can only put things up high with a toddler around. Also, the picture frame is empty because I'm waiting on my newest set of prints from Snapfish. The little frame is Wells in his Halloween costume last year. I think I'll just add to it every year, starting a collection of frames. 

Reading. I started A Curious Beginning and then The Immortalists, which I had on hold, came in at the library and I saw The Huntress on the shelf by the circulation desk and I thought I'd grab it since so many seem to love it. I probably won't even read it. Something about big sweeping WWII novels is not for me right now.

Wearing. This is funny. It's been so annoyingly hot here that I am still in gym shorts and tank tops every day and I actually avoid going places that aren't just the park because I don't want to think about what people think about me. True story: I only go to the library to return/pick up books when I'm already dressed to go somewhere else (meaning, a playgroup or Target).

But I am currently wearing my favorite nail polish: Essie Guilty Pleasures.
It's summery and pink but not in an annoying way? It just works well with my skin tone so it's my go-to. I love OPI Strawberry Margarita for most of the summer (and if I get a proper pedicure somewhere I always choose the hottest pink they have), but it's kind of dark/bright for September and I'm usually sick of it by now. Also, I love OPI's brushes so much better than Essie, but I like Essie's formula more because it comes off with remover much more easily.

Watching. Nothing. I was always having reruns on in the background when we lived in Colorado because it was a nice open-concept house and I could see and hear the TV plainly from the kitchen/table. In Wyoming, I was either laying on the couch with a newborn watching TV or listening to podcasts while doing other things. Here, I can't see the TV from the kitchen or dining room and I don't really get to sit and watch during the day and there's nothing I care enough to watch at night if I'm alone. I'd rather read a book or scroll the news or something online. Scott and I watch things together but we just finished a show last week (Four Weddings on Hulu) and now, nothing.

So, short answer: maybe recommend a show to me?

Eating.  I made this marinara the other day to freeze and one thing I don't like about a gas stove is that things don't "simmer"; they cook. Next time I'll do the crockpot.

Buying. Milk. Wells drinks so much milk. Like, it's all he ever wants. He may be moving into a picky-eating stage because the other day I made homemade pizza rolls (okay, semi-homemade) thinking that maybe he'd eat that because he loves pizza. Instead he pointed at the oatmeal I was eating (clearly Scott was away for the weekend if I'm eating oatmeal for dinner) so I shared that with him and he loved it. Then, I tried to give him spaghetti and meatballs the next day and he saw the big Tupperware of steel cut oats I'd just batch-cooked for the he ended up eating unflavored, plain steel cut oats and like 7 noodles for dinner.

Anyway. We go through a lot of milk. Sometimes he drinks it out of sippy cups but he has totally made the connection that bottle = milk, so there's that. He walks over to the corner of the kitchen where his snacks and bottles are and points and cries when he wants milk so that's not good.
 I did ask a professional about the bottle thing since he's 14 months now and she said not to stress out over it because he's still little and it's not a big deal in the grand scheme of things. She said figuring out sleep is more important which is why we're still on the mission of transitioning to one nap (because fighting him to take two solid naps a day is quite the battle at 3pm).

Anyway. I buy a lot of milk.

Thinking. Pessimistic Ross is the best Ross. I'm not a die-hard Friends fan (I was when I was a kid), but I love when Ross gets all shrill and out of control.

Considering. Our next move, physically and metaphorically. Our time in Pittsburgh isn't even close to up, but I've had to do a lot of introspection about what I want/we want the next few years to look like. It's hard because there's always variables you can't control.

Believing. Jett has gotten his comeuppance. He has been infringing on everyone's personal space since the day he was born and certainly since the day he came home with Scott. Now, Wells is infringing on him and he's suddenly insulted by the intrusion. Wells follows him around, trying to share toys, and Jett gives these little groans and growls and tries to get away. I try to encourage friendliness. Scout has NO patience for Wells but he just ignores him completely and runs away if Wells gets too close. Jett is the one we worry about because he seems to have a shorter fuse. I'm the only one that Scout ever growls at and I tell Scout Go ahead, bite me, I dare you when he's being all Scout-ish. And that's usually the end of that.

Making. I made this for my Teachers Pay Teachers store over the weekend. It was originally supposed to be a set of posters but then I realized I *personally* would've used it as a presentation also, so I made it into a Keynote presentation and ended up with two different products.

Ordering.  Wells' Halloween costume. It should be here next week and, if it fits, I'll share, but otherwise, I'm out $30 and starting over.

Listening. I haven't been listening to much except my daily podcasts. In the background, it's usually Little Baby Bum on Netflix, though. But right now, I'm listening to impatient grunts from Scout because he wants, I'm certain, to be walked, but I did something to my foot yesterday and it really hurts so that walk might get put off.

Whew. Told you this would be a long one. There are no short answers these days.

I forgot to share this in the memes I posted last week. I thought it was hilarious because I used to play Bingo often.


  1. Sounds like you've got a bit of everything going on. I love the fall decor! I don't mind moving, I actually enjoy it, but I think moving as often as you guys do would stress me out.

  2. I love Essie nail polish! Your decor is cute too!

  3. HAHA - My grandma would probably have sent the same Bingo response :)
    Cant wait to see what costume you're taking a stab at!
    Where did you get that picture frame? I love it. I love you can change out the pics so easily!

  4. Oh, I hope his costume fits! Can't wait to see! My boys will both be pumpkins this year. It was the first year that Caleb actually told me what he wanted to be (a pumpkin) and I wanted to match them.
    Holden is still on the bottle too. We had his one year checkup last week and I asked the doctor. He really wants me to get him off the bottle, but I feel like he's not ready to yet. He needs it to go to sleep a lot of the time, so I am not sure what we're going to do.

  5. Your decorations are so cute! I have one thing that's technically an autumn decoration, but I like it and I'm lazy so I just let it stay out all year. Ha!


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