September 20, 2019

5 on Friday.

1. Reality Steve posted all the women from Peter's upcoming season of The Bachelor, plus a lot of location spoilers (I won't link to it in case you're easily tempted). The season starts filming tonight. I, in all of the first world problems I make for myself, can't decide if I'm going to read along and be spoiled or if I'll just go with it. January through March is a long way away. I'm so over the men and women from this last cycle.

2. We tried the library story time yesterday. It's two minutes away so it takes little to no effort on my part. It's only 30 minutes so I don't need to pack up snacks/diapers/drinks. It's a different crowd than the normal playgroup we go to and the children's room is set up like a preschool classroom with so. many. toys. And while the librarian is reading and singing, the toddlers get to pretty much do whatever they want. It was a look into what preschool may look like in two years, but it should be really good for him.

Not at the library but playing with trucks at toddler time on Wednesday.

It sounds awful but I don't really care about the book aspect of it. I can make him read at home if I want to some day, and I can read him books at home. I'm not overly impressed when moms brag about their 1 year old "loving books". That's not a thing at 1 year old. This is about socialization and having somewhere to go and, again, getting ready for the potential of childcare or preschool at some point.

3.  We've been watching Unbelievable this week on Netflix. It was very good. I'm not done with it yet but I plan to finish this weekend. It's a true story so I'll be reading up on some of the articles afterward but I don't want to link to much when I'm not sure what's a spoiler and what's not.


I posted some fall decorations on Wednesday but, let's face it, I did not go all-out. I bought a few mums and I didn't get a new wreath just because so few things will look good with a yellow door.

5. Wells' Halloween costume did arrive yesterday (a week earlier than expected) and it's just big enough that it should fit in a month. For a second I thought he'd be afraid of it, because that's how I would've reacted as a toddler. But he loved it. Jett did too, so I have to keep it out of his reach or it might get shredded. 

Happy Friday...maybe the Steelers will lose again this weekend? 
We sure picked a bad year to move to Pittsburgh! 


  1. OH MY GOSH - that costume is adorable!!! I seriously will be looking out for the complete look :)
    Lifting up prayers for Pilot Pete for tonight :) LOL!!!! I'm so over last years cast & all the BIP people now too - whew. It was a LONG Bachelor season having them back to back!
    I love yours so close to the library to have those socialization moments... & to see if Wells is a BOOK GENIUS ;) LOL

  2. That costume is sooo cute!
    Oh Unbelievable sounds really good. Need to add it to my list.

  3. Don't read anything about Unbelievable until you're done because the article it is based on has SO many details that they used in the show. I finished it the other night and then went down the rabbit hole. It was so well done.

    The only thing I will share is that the reporters who wrote it had ties to each respective community (WA and CO) and were writing separate stories and one of the sources told them about one another so they went at it together, which I thought was so cool. Especially since it is basically A Tale of Two Investigations...

  4. LOL bragging moms are hella annoying. it's why i went once to some kind of mama/tot program put on by my city and then never again because i dont need to sit around listening to other people brag about how brilliant their 6month/1yr old is. Yes, OK Carol; I'm sure your 1yr old is reading at the level of a grade 1. calm down.

  5. Glad you guys got to get out for some baby socializing! I'm sure it's fun to watch the chaos of a bunch of toddlers. :) I tend to think some babies legit do like books, though. Cyrus still says very few words (I'm not even going to research how much they 'should' be talking at 18 months old because I'm sure that he is not the right answer), but "book" is one of his most insistent ones, and I've started having Angel bring home books from his school library once or twice a week because I was getting incredibly bored of reading the same books every single day (I don't think variety in books is for the baby's sake...I think it's for the sake of the adult who has the home library memorized and needs something, anything new).

  6. Not having kids, mom bragging always cracks me up. Your baby is really into books??? Oh, that's nice, well my dog is really into water bottles. So, that's cool too ya know. I needed a new show to watch! Thanks for the suggestion.


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