August 1, 2019

July Goals Reviewed and New August Goals.

Here's my original July goals post and here's how it went:

No Facebook- This went well, as it did in June. See below, though.

One book per week- I read 9 books so that's definitely more than one a week. I DNF'd two, though. I don't count books I DNF in my total yearly count, but I count them in the monthly one. 

Birthday Party- done.

Put together Wells' new photo album- done. I didn't write in the captions, though. His first album didn't have captions.

Register for gym childcare (so I can start going to classes during the day, etc)- No. I feel like I will procrastinate this until the end of time. Or at least until we leave Pittsburgh. I did start looking into, though.

Sort toys- done. I got rid of a few and packed up a few. Rattles and such that he doesn't really do anything with anymore.

Finish baby book and add in pictures, momentos, etc. A friend gave me a calendar instead of a book and it works so well! It's already organized for me and I just need to put it together. It's pretty updated until maybe the last two months. It goes to 13 months so I just want to finish it since he'll be 13 months next week.

Set up savings account for Wells. This has been on the list for months. We decided we were going to put money in it each month and we had an amount in mind and we just literally needed to go onto the USAA app and do it. (Update: I'm adding this because I've already done it and it makes me feel good to have a win on the list already.)

Clean out Facebook list. I decided that Facebook might be more useful to me if I, you know, actually used it. So that means I need to get rid of all the "friends" from my hometown who just like to, apparently, post weather updates. We weren't friends in high school and we're not friends now. I want to use it to update baby pictures and keep in touch with the people I've met over the last 10 years. Now that I know what I intend to use it for, I need to do it. I started this last weekend when I was stuck in the Chicago airport for 3 hours. I downloaded the app again and got to deleting people and groups.

Goodwill donations. I've been taking donations to Goodwill, but I want to continue with that in August. At least another carload.

Listen to an audiobook. I don't have an audible account I actively choose/buy books on right now but I still have the app and I still have a book on there I haven't listened to yet. I listen to a ton of podcasts and I feel that my attention span might finally be coming around to the point where I can do a book again. I practically survived on audiobooks in Colorado, so it's a huge chunk of time/energy that's been missing for the last year and a half or so.

I think that might be enough for one month. I already have a loose list in my mind for September.

I'm linking up with Kristen for What's New With You because this ^ literally is what's new with me (insert laughing emoji).


  1. I would love to hear what you thought about the Bachelorette finale:)

  2. I took a 3 year break from Facebook. I knew my west coast family wanted to see pictures of Gracie, so I got back on, deleted hundreds from my friends list, and suddenly FB doesn’t bother me in the slightest. It’s amazing what a friends list purge can do.

  3. You did well! Sometimes the stuff I don't do is the easiest (just downloading something/setting something up)

  4. I think its so weird how I can listen to podcasts all day long, but struggle so badly with audiobooks... my brain is weird.

  5. I've been doing that with facebook I see so many group stuff over friends that I've had to go in and unfollow etc.

  6. I think you did well, too! Kudos for making FB work for you. I am consistently monitoring my friend list, de-friending some, hiding others from my feed, and I (as snobbish as this sounds) am very selective as to whom I accept friend requests from. (Although I'm seriously questioning why I'm connected to one person in particular at the moment - see my post for details. LOL!)

  7. Have you heard of Scribd? It's an app that only costs $8 a month and gives you unlimited audiobooks and ebooks. The selection isn't endless, but there are a ton of books on there and often have new releases.

  8. yay, i love adding things to my list when i've already done them haha, totally makes me feel accomplished. a couple of years ago i deleted most people off my facebook, besides my family and friends from home. plus a few people here who would get butt hurt if i deleted or rejected their request. that way i don't see a bunch of crap from people i don't care about. you should definitely try scribd - i'm on a 2 month trial now, they have lots of audiobooks. i'm considering continuing once my trial is over.


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