July 2, 2019

July Goals.

I literally (literally) don't remember the last time I set monthly goals. Just the very idea of it 6 months ago pushed me over the edge. A year ago, I couldn't picture what life with a baby would even look like, so I stopped doing goals. (I just looked...sometime in the spring of 2018 is my last goal post.)

 I set "yearly" goals for 2018 and that went not quite well if you look at that link up there ^.

But I was thinking about things I wanted to accomplish this summer, based off of having the whole summer planned out more or less, so it makes more sense to just write them down and explain them to the internet, I suppose.

No Facebook. I went Facebook-less in June. It has been the most freeing and wonderful feeling.

Birthday Party. We're having a big-ish birthday party for Wells. Now, there's no food truck and no fancy rental space, etc, but we're doing a theme and decorations and doing more than I had assumed I'd do for a first birthday for a couple of reasons: we are living in a place where our families can drive a couple of hours and celebrate Wells' first birthday. The fact that that is possible, when we've been at least two connecting flights away for the last 9 years, is pretty neat. So I cannot not have a party for this kid. By his next birthday, we'll be an airplane ride away again.
I'm probably putting more pressure on myself than needed here, but I haven't planned a party in a decade. So we're buying a fancy cake and decorating the house and doing all of the fun things he won't remember but I sure will. Most of my energy for the first half of the month is going toward this party. I don't have anything planned for his actual birthday though (a Wednesday).
Any ideas for traditions I can start with him?

1 Book Per Week. This should be easy enough.

Put together Wells' new photo album. My mother-in-law's friend had gotten us a gorgeous personalized album when Wells was born. I filled it with pictures of Wells in Wyoming. Then it was full and I decided I just needed to start a new one for 2019 and our Pittsburgh time. I have the pictures printed and up to date (I try to order prints every few months). I have a new album. I just need to put it together.

Register for gym childcare. This is a hard one because I've intentionally avoided it. Only family has ever taken care of Wells for us.  However, after Wells has his MMR vaccine this month, I'm going to register him for childcare at the gym...because I really need to start using my membership more...and leaving him there for an hour as a toddler, not as an infant, shouldn't be a HUGE deal (right?).
I often think back to my gym in Alaska and the cozy childcare room and dedicated staff who were always smiling and loved taking care of the toddlers in there. Sigh.

Sort toys. I don't buy toys. 99% of our toys are gifts from family and friends. Therefore, they're starting to pile up. I'm setting a resolution to sort through our toys each summer, corresponding with Wells' birthday, and packing up what he doesn't use/need right now. I would love to say "no gifts" for his birthday but it's just family that we're having the party for and I know our family likes to buy baby toys. It's not like I'm inviting a classroom full of kids, each with a gift.
But this toy goal might get pushed to August. I just wanted to write it down while I thought of it.

When was the last time you wrote your goals out publicly? 

Any summer goals?  


  1. letting go of (some) social media is so liberating. part of my liberation was just unfollowing a bunch of people on my feeds that i only kept out of obligation; including some people in my current group of friends and i felt no way about it either LOL

  2. I need to make goals - I never do it & that may explain why my life is always sort of a mess....
    1 book a week - I love that goal - I'm slacking in the reading department lately.
    OH - one tradition I saw someone do... they got a cloth table cover & had people sign it that came to the birthday party - & they use that table cloth every year - updating it with the signatures... it was so cool to see some of the signatures still there every year & new ones... & then heart tuggings of the ones from grandparents who have passed away. Use a pen that won't wash away in the washing machine... They are planning on using this table cloth till it fills up - or till their 18th birthday. Isn't that cool?

  3. I really meant to share monthly goals on the blog, but I keep forgetting. I do seasonal bucket lists, which sort of count. I love that you're doing a bigger party for your son. The first birthday is a big one, and it's more for the parents and family than the kid - but it's fun! If you need help planning/coming up with ideas, etc. please do let me know. I LOVE planning parties!


  4. Hurray for the first birthday party! We did one, and I'm imagining that henceforth we'll probably do parties every couple years, or for "milestone" birthdays, and alternate with just doing something fun as a family. First year birthday parties are usually done up pretty big in this culture.
    I have bought Cyrus three little rubber-ducky style bath toys and I think that's about it. Seriously, at this point, I'm pretty sure parents don't really have to buy either toys or clothing for their own kids--he's gotten hand-me-downs of both clothes and toys (his "big" Christmas present was a wagon full of megablocks that Angel's coworker passed on to him. Works for me!), and those are the things family loves to buy for birthday/Christmas. Plus, apparently toddlers don't change sizes all that fast because he's been wearing the same clothes since Christmas. They just aren't as baggy as they used to be. :P

  5. Good luck with all the goals! I'm trying hard with the book one too however they are coming in faster than they are being read...oops!

  6. The last time I publicly set goals was April, but I just posted a summer bucket list last week. It's more "fun" stuff I'd like to do than productive things I should be doing though. I think it's great that you're doing a big first birthday, for all the reasons you listed. He may not remember, but you and all your relatives will, and who knows when they'll be close enough to celebrate again? Good luck with all of your goals!


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