July 3, 2019


Reading... Okay, I've taken on too much. I know this. This is why I was avoiding the library and just piling books onto my Goodreads TBR for the last two months. My library is annoyingly efficient.
I didn't necessarily want a stack of 72 books to read in the next three weeks, but I always have to have a back-up book (why I enjoyed the Kindle over the last month when we're traveling around) and then I just start requesting and they all come in at once because #efficiency. I can't complain.

Enjoying... the relative ease with which we can do things in a city again. "Relative" meaning with a baby in tow. We went to a Pirates game the other night and, thanks to the military, we can buy tickets the day of and get good seats.

Not our seats, just a picture I took as we were leaving. 

Finding... some new-ish to me products, including Nyx lipstick. Amy (I love Amy!) posted some practical tips about lipstick and went over her collection the other day, so I ended up browsing makeup on Sunday. Also, I've never tried dry shampoo and I'm not in a position to wash/dry my hair every day so maybe it's time...and this e.l.f spray looks promising and...what I actually went to Target for: spray sunscreen for babies. I bought the regular sunscreen in this brand and it sticks/stains everything it touches because it's so thick. I spent way too long cleaning it off of the stroller before I realized I needed to put it on him before we left the house but that's just one-more-thing-to-remember....So, I prefer the sprays for myself, why not for Wells? I'll report back.

Tasting... I kind of want to make some desserts since we've been watching season 6 of The Great British Baking show. Last 4th of July, I made cupcakes that did NOT turn out well at all, so I just ate all of the frosting with a spoon.

Also, I had wings the other night. Can you still call boneless wings "wings"? We're so spoiled and soft these days with the whole boneless wings thing.

Saving... I'm looking for major ways to conserve and consolidate my time these days. After I timestamped a day and became majorly demotivated at the idea of how busy I am but I feel like I'm just treading water...I need to figure out ways to make changes. I started by setting some July goals (see yesterday's post). I should write a whole post about the transition from working to staying at home, really, but I think I thought that I'd have time to get MORE done as a stay-at-home-mom. But I feel like I get just-enough done and I don't leave to go to work? Like, I'd probably be accomplishing the same amount at home, overall, if I worked full-time. It's an ongoing process, I suppose. Any advice is welcome!

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I'm taking tomorrow off, but will be back on Friday with some Bachelorette thoughts.

Happy Birthday to America! Literally the greatest country in the history of the world. 


  1. Circe is soooo good! That's definitely an extensive book stack, but I have faith in you! Hope you like your picks :) #JulyCurrently

  2. i pause my books. i have a crap ton of books on hold and i just check every so often to see where I am in the queue...if i'm #1 or 2 and i'm not ready to get it yet, i pause it and then when i'm close to being ready, i unpause it and i'm next in line HOLLA

  3. YES to an Office reference :) We use that "Declare it" thing at work all the time!! :)
    Cant wait to hear your Bachlorette comments!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As always
    I have learned usually my book limit is 4 - we get 4 weeks to return books so that's 1 book a week, unless I am doing a challenge & I get the smaller books.

  4. I have the same problem with library holds all coming in at once, but more so because my library is so inefficient. I can place 2 on hold one day, and another one 2 weeks later, and they come in at the same time because for some reason books from other libraries take FOR-EV-ER to get to mine. And I agree with being spoiled, but I prefer boneless chicken wings given the option. I hope you report back on the dry shampoo, I've never used it before either!

  5. Thank you for the kind shout out! I love the NYX color you picked! It sounds like you are getting out more! I understand what you are saying because school year Amy gets stuff done and summer Amy is lucky to accomplish one task a day. Wells still isn’t sleeping great so this is hard for you but my saving grace was getting up before my kids woke up. I had time for coffee and making a list. But the other way to look at it in this chapter is that Wells is your list right now.
    I don’t know! I’m still trying to find answers myself! Happy 4th and thank you for YOUR service as well as your hub’s!

  6. That's a big stack of books. I LOVED Two Can Keep a Secret - more than One Of Us Is Lying.

    You may feel like you're getting nothing done, but I would say looking after/spending time with your sweet baby means you are getting the most important thing done.

  7. Apparently NYX has some relaly good lip makeup. I just discovered their lippies also.

    Am I weird that I prefer the wings with the bone? Half the fun is getting the meat off of the bone lol

  8. LOVED Circe, so happy to see it in your stack! My library always seems to get all of my requests in at once also.

    There is some sunscreen, maybe Coppertone, that comes in something almost like a glue stick. Loved it for when my LO was very small, so helpful for especially hard to reach areas like the face or ears.

  9. Boneless wings! I have never heard of that before. What a time to be alive. They look pretty tasty, though.

    I am a big dry shampoo fan, as my second day hair is usually borderline so I'd much rather rescue it with dry shampoo than wash it again. My person favourite is Batiste or Living Proof (major price difference there!) but I haven't seen the one you picked up before, so I'm interested to hear your thoughts.

    I obviously have no stay-at-home-mom advice whatsoever, but all I can say is I read your day in the life and felt tired just reading it, so don't beat yourself up too much. Raising a small human IS a job. Personally I think you're doing great!

  10. lol, my library is annoyingly efficient also. i have to stagger my hold requests, i suspend them for random times so they don't all come in at once. i love nyx lip products! that dry shampoo doesn't work for my hair, but i love dry shampoo in general. i can't wash my hair after every workout or every day, so it helps that and also my hair is super fine so it appreciates the added texture lol.
    i have no advice about the staying home thing, obviously, but i hope you're able to get on top of things soon or get some helpful advice, or whatever. i can't imagine how hard it is and i think sometimes women feel like it doesn't count as hard work or 'doing something' so we feel discouraged when it actually takes time and effort (not that you thought it wouldn't, but you know what i mean?) and the day is over and we haven't 'done anything'. you have done something! lots of things! maybe just be kinder to yourself about it all, easier said than done though i know.

  11. I listened to Two Can Keep a Secret last month and I enjoyed it. I liked her previous book, One of Us..., better though. It'll be interesting to hear your thoughts on it.


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