July 1, 2019

Summer Weekend #2

I told you my weekends would be pretty boring for the most part. But this is a good opportunity to document Wells' first real summer, so I'll keep at it.

Sometime on Sunday, I realized that this would be my last weekend alone with a baby; Scott had taken the dogs to his dad's house for the weekend, and so it was just me and Wells. Next weekend we'll be at my parents' and then he turns one.

It was just a very clear reminder of how much time has passed since last summer and fall when Wells and I would spend every weekend together while Scott worked on the house in Colorado (and the dogs went with Scott because he couldn't be out of their sight for more than 8 hours). 

So when Wells refused to sleep this weekend, I just thought of that and it didn't seem so bad.

On Saturday, we went to Walmart after breakfast. I didn't need a whole lot of groceries, but needed a few random things so I just took him in with me.

Including these shoes. I saw them the other day. I think they're sharks? Or narwhals? I don't know. But they're cute for $6. 
He needs shoes with a sole since he stands so much and wears out the soft-sole crib shoes, but Old Navy only makes a 5 as their smallest size of soled shoes.* Our Target has a really slim selection and I wanted to be able to put the shoes on him to size them. 
This brand from Walmart has a size 4, which is a little loose, but they don't fall off so hopefully they last a month or so. 
(*Random knowledge I now know. )

I don't think we went for a walk Saturday night because it was thundering (but never actually rained?) and he took a late-ish nap after refusing a morning one. 

So when he went to bed at 7pm, I was pleasantly surprised: he hadn't done that in awhile. Turns out, he thought 7pm-9:30pm was a nap and he was up and ready to go and didn't go to sleep again until 11pm. 

I tried to tackle this stack of library books. (I'm halfway through The Wife.)

On Sunday, we went for a walk in the morning and then talked to the neighbor. She gave him a stuffed bear she bought for him on her recent trip to the Smokey Mountains. 
I like our neighborhood a lot and it feels very safe and settled. I'm not crazy about the house though. 
 I gave myself a pedicure during his afternoon nap (Essie Guilty Pleasures), and then we went to Target because we were going to run out of diapers this week. I do have a subscription, but they ship at weird times, so I still end up buying in-store like every other month. 
At this moment in time, there are very few first-world inconveniences that rank higher than running out of diapers or formula if I don't plan ahead. 

And, since he refused to take an afternoon nap, I kept him busy until 8pm.

He actually talked to the lawnmower for quite some time. 

Again, pleasantly, he went to bed around 8pm (I decided maybe 7pm was too early for him). 
He woke up around midnight and would not go back to sleep. 

So, again, I kept repeating that this was my last weekend with "baby" Wells, so the permanent bruise on my chin from the headbutting and the fact that he stands up and chews on his crib rail and screams himself into hyperventilating and the terrible rash he has on his chin from drooling...I tried not to think about all of that. 

And instead I ordered some things from Amazon at 1am. 

And finally fell asleep around 2am. 

Happy Monday, right?


  1. The exhausting life of a momma.
    Those shoes are the cutest! But Wells looks like he's just ready to plop right up & walk away!
    Who knew a lawn mower could make such a good babysitter :)

  2. Are you having a bday party for him?

  3. He looks so cute in his little shoes!

  4. right now it's all about keeping your sanity so do what you can. i remember when K turned 2, she suddenly went from a dream sleeper to a nightmare. she just refused to nap and she was like COME HELL OR HIGH WATER, I AM NOT GOING TO SLEEP AT NIGHT EITHER SO SUCK ON THAT. the sleep ups and downs continued for a looooonnnnggg time. but BUT, it will even out. you'll get periods of dream sleep mixed in with OHMYGOD DO I HAVE A NEWBORN AGAIN.

    hang in there, mama! do what you can to catch whatever zzzz's you can.


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