July 30, 2019

Summer Weekend #6

...a day late. Because a container of Pedialyte, two showers, and lots of broken sleep later (#Wells), I'm up to it. I was so exhausted on Sunday that I basically walked laps around the Chicago airport just to keep from falling asleep and/or throwing up. I'm not the toughest traveler out there. I want to call it exhaustion and the general feeling of nausea I get when I fly, because the 2-3 drinks I had on Saturday does not a hangover make (right?).

Photos at the Nelson Art Museum

On Friday we went to Kansas City for our friends' wedding. Scott was in the wedding so it was two days full of festivities. I didn't take a ton of pictures..Scott took some..but here's an overview.

I rarely talk about friends/family on this blog because I figure it's within everyone's natural rights not to be talked about on the internet without their input (that's in the Constitution, I'm sure). But I'll make an exception.

Scott met Jeff in Missouri in 2013. He was at Ft. Carson when we were as well and he and Scott were roommates when they deployed to Germany in 2015. We would have dinner with him every month or two while we were in Colorado. Eventually, he transitioned out of the army and moved to Denver.

In January of 2017, Jeff invited us out to dinner to meet his new girlfriend and she was. a. delight. We continued to hang out with them while I was pregnant last year and even after Wells was born. In fact, Scott was fishing with Jeff the week before Wells was born and I just remember saying I better know where you are and you better answer your phone because I'd been having contractions for weeks.

Jeff and Kasey were our first friends who met Wells last summer.  We were thrilled when they got engaged.

Whenever we move back out west (because we will, no doubt), we'll hopefully get to see them more often.

Spouses of the wedding party rode the wedding bus as well. It was super convenient, actually, because I didn't have to figure out where to go or where to park. 

There were kids at the wedding and we could've taken Wells along but there would've been no one to help with him; everyone else with a baby had relatives or friends nearby who could lend a hand or a crib or whatever. Since Scott was in the wedding and we had certain places to be at certain times, we left him in Pittsburgh and my parents came to watch him and the dogs for the weekend. 

To be honest, one of the best parts of the weekend was coming home to clean dogs because my dad had given them a bath. 

But we're thrilled for Jeff and Kasey and hope we get to see them again soon!

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  1. You needed that time away! Maybe you were dehydrated? Hope you feel better now!


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