July 25, 2019

Stuff and Things 7/25

I haven't posted much online in general this week. I think it's because we're traveling this weekend and that always stresses me out. Also, I've been really working on my Teachers Pay Teachers Store during the mornings when I'd normally be doing other things online. 

Meaning, I keep very quiet so Wells stays asleep until 8:30 or 9:00am (Don't worry! He's up plenty throughout the night! He needs his rest.)

Monday, it rained all day. And we had to wait around for a repairman from the rental agency to fix a ceiling fan, a light (he couldn't), and the oven (he also couldn't). 

There was a deer behind the fence. 

Also, Wells is almost completely unwilling to eat anymore. This is just what the dogs refused to eat. They had already gotten to the good stuff.

I kind of love shopping with a baby because I can talk to him/myself about whatever and not look crazy. 

Ahhh, the plate of food he was unwilling to eat. 

(Also, finding my kindle and my headphones was the most packing I'd done at that point.)

I have talked a lot of my nylon bags from the a new day line at Target. I bought one last September, used it and washed it multiple times, bought another color this past winter, and did the same (you can see it in the cart up there). They are truly the most efficient purses I've ever owned. But I wanted something slightly bigger for traveling this weekend. They have almost like a duffel style but when I looked at it, it seemed too much like a regular carry-on bag and I'm flying peasant-class again. I saw this style on an endcap on clearance! I really like it, actually more than the original I had in mind. 

I got this romper on Amazon, which is a place I'd never gotten clothes previously. After reading the comments, I ordered a size up. That worked out well, so I'd do the same if I were you. 

Tuesday, we went to a Pirates game. They lost and I think that's going to be how it goes for the rest of the season. The tickets were free though. 

We basically went because it was the perfect day, weather-wise.

Wednesday was swimming lessons and, I must say, I'm pretty over it. I know he's clearly not going to learn to swim right now but I'm hoping the early exposure is just something I can build on. I don't know what next summer will look like, so I can't even guarantee there will be a place to take him then. It's just a far-ish drive and really messes with lunch time and naptime (but ain't no way we're getting out the door for the 9:30am class). I'll cancel our membership after Labor Day. Who, aside from those who do it competitively or want to prep for vacation, would need to go to swim lessons year-round anyway? 

Oh, if you're into Bachelor podcasts, the episode with Chris Harrison up there ^ is actually informative. I like him. 

(Did I watch this week's episode? Maybe half of it. I hate watching them all just being given the platform to yell at each other. No one cares, Devin/Devon/Devan. I don't even know how you spell your name which doesn't say much about your amount of time on the show.)


  1. I loved that episode with Chris Harrison!! It was great hearing his perspective of the Men Tell All & some insight on things.
    As long as you have your kindle & earphones, what else do you need :)

  2. Has little man licked that sliding door yet? Its gross but hilarious and I about lost it when the twins did it for the first time!

  3. a lot of little kids hate the water (or putting their face in the water) but when K turned 4, i made her for safety reasons and kept it up until she hit level 9. now we're a bit more relaxed with swimming and have taken a break for a bit but i'll be enrolling her again next year.


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