July 22, 2019

Summer Weekend #5

(That title originally said #6...it's #5, right? I don't even know. This is what I get for trying to keep track of things, I suppose.)

Blissfully, we didn't have any plans.

After I took Wells to swimming lessons on Friday, I honestly just planned on staying home for two days.

It was incredibly hot and humid out, so we didn't really want to go anywhere. Actually, we really wanted to go to a Pirates game but because the Friday and Saturday night games were under a heat advisory we thought that might be fun for no one with a one-year-old along. And the Sunday game, when it was just as hot...started at 1:35pm.

I am quite thankful that we had Wells' party last weekend because this past Saturday would've been miserable.

On Saturday, I read an entire book, basically because I just couldn't put it down. Scott had to do a work thing in the morning so I also took the dogs for a walk, but it wasn't exactly pleasant out. I know they thought ("thought" because they didn't realize how hot it was by mid-day) they wanted to go for a real run at the park, but I don't take them to the park on weekends because there's way too many people around.

Also, I cleaned out my car.

We've been watching an episode of Stranger Things 3 every night and I have to say I'm disappointed. I think we're on episode 7? Stranger Things 2 was so much more enthralling. Like, we couldn't stop watching. With this one, it's kind of meh.

On Sunday, Scott decided he needed to do a little work at a property we own a few hours from here, so he took the dogs for an early hike and then spent the day there.

I tried to get a few things done around the house and then took a toddler into a dressing room. I really appreciate that we live within a mile or two of stores and shopping centers so I can run errands like this without hauling around a diaper bag or messing with nap times. It can be quick and easy. (Easyish because he only threw his shoes on the ground three times in the store).

I realllllllllly tried to get him to take an afternoon nap after this, but naps are so scattered these days. I don't count anything under an hour as a real nap. He had taken maybe an hour nap from 11am-12pm. Saturday, he had taken two 90 minute+ naps.

Since he wasn't going to sleep, I figured we might as well go to the store because we were out of milk. He's done with formula now so that will save us about $30 a week. Formula was costing $40+ a week (a container never seemed to last a whole week) and I figure milk will be about $8-10 a week.

Empty. With paws in the background.

I failed at pictures after this point but I made dinner while he ate, meaning I cooked up the chicken as quickly as I could so he could have some with corn and peas and then I made the fried rice while he ate. Everything has a strategy to it these days.

Then he played with his water table pre-bathtime.

When Scott and the dogs got back, he rolled around outside in his walker for a bit while I cleaned up and then we watched another episode of Stranger Things before bed. I tried to read a few chapters...I really want to finish this book today so I can take it back to the library and pick up my next hold (even though I still have three on my nightstand that I keep renewing).

Today, Wells woke up slightly congested and had a low fever last night. I think it might be a delayed reaction to the MMR shot? I've heard that anyway. I refuse to google most baby-related things.

So he's pretty miserable right now and I let him eat Puffs for breakfast because I knew he'd throw anything else on the floor and he threw most of those on the floor anyway.

BUT this is the first time he's ever tried to eat a pouch by himself, so I'm already calling that a win for Monday.

Terrible picture but I wanted to document the date for the baby book. 

And, I never wrote anything about the Bachelorette this past week, but actually I did write it and I just don't want to get into my true thoughts on Hannah/Luke/drama/etc. To be honest, Hannah is *kind of* acting like the worst right now. Luke is tactless but I don't think he's wrong in the broader sense. And Jed likes to pout. I mean, I have a post if anyone wants to see it...I can send it to you if you want to talk through email. 


  1. That stripy dress looks really good on you.

  2. 100% agree on your short bachelorette thoughts. I’m not sure if I can keep watching because I’m so deeply frustrated with them all.

  3. Glad the weather worked out last week for your party & you could hole up this one.
    Hannah.. man, that girl... she's something special, isn't she? I cant wait for tonight where the men all gang up on him :) LOL ... & where Hannah goes from laughing one minute to hysterically crying the next. That girl. Bless her.

  4. I love that dress! Where is it from? Ugh, Luke and Jed are the WORST! I understand where Luke is coming from having the standard that he wants his wife to abstain from sex before marriage, but it all went south really quick. Jed bothers me because he is just NOT ATTRACTIVE! Can't wait to check out that book, btw!

    1. Marshall's! I hope you love the book too. I'm going into her backlog now.


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