May 6, 2019

April Gripes and Grievances

I can't lie: I had two things on this list as of a week ago and then a lot more things started to bother in the last few days. So here we are.

1. The company we use in Wyoming to rent out our house is at it again. I wanttttttt to like them. I wantttttt this to be easy. They are just terrible at communicating in a timely manner. I had to spend a whole afternoon trying to figure out a washer/dryer situation by being on the phone with an appliance repair company who was trying to replace parts that didn't need to be replaced. It was a billion times easier to go through the repair company than to try and use the rental company as a middle man, though.
I'm especially annoyed when I send an email, get no reply, and then Gmail "helpfully" asks me if I want to follow up. No, Gmail. I want these people to do their actual job, as I don't understand how I can do my part so flawlessly (in comparison), and they can do nothing.

It's now been at least 20 days and no response. 

2. L.A. Fitness.
A few months ago, when Scott signed us up for the gym here, he signed us up to be able to use any location in the city, except for the Signature club, which is the uber-expensive location. When he tried to go to another location near his work, they said he couldn't be he was a single-club member. He told them he wasn't and they were nice about it at that location and said to just talk to the home-club.
So, he called. They told him they would fix it.
Then he asked me to go in and talk to them. I did and they promised they would "fix it" and they'd call Scott to straighten it out.
Lo and behold, two weeks later, it wasn't fixed and they'd never called Scott. So Scott, doing what he very, very rarely does, really let loose on the guy who said he would fix it. I seriously wish I could've seen it. I think he was probably transported back to his command days and thought he was talking to a soldier because he said something about saying I need you to stop making excuses because all I'm hearing is reasons why you're a failure. Again, I wish I would've been there. Legitimately though, the guy is a failure because he had assured us both at different times that he would oversee it and fix it and he just didn't.
(Also, I haven't been there in like 2 months ...other than that random trip in to check on the membership... but that's a story for another day. Scott goes at least 3 times a week.)

3. Ceiling fan conundrum. In our bedroom here, we have a ceiling fan. When I was shown the house, the rental agent told me the fan had a remote; there's no cords to pull, just a remote. I used the remote. It worked just fine. I put it in a drawer because it was January and that room is barely insulated anyway. About a month ago, I tried to use the remote to turn on the ceiling fan since it was getting to be warmer. It didn't work. I assumed it was a dead battery but Walmart didn't sell that type of battery so I ordered one on Amazon for a couple of dollars and tried it when it got here. It still didn't work. Then I told Scott. He looked it for a few minutes and, since this is a rental, just more or less said whatever. I wrote it down that the ceiling fan doesn't work and we replaced the battery. I don't want some dummy (because they're all dummies) coming in to look at it because, I kid you not, it's in the lease that if you call the repair line for something that's deemed unnecessary, they charge you $50.
I am 100% sure this is the only house in this neighborhood that is a rental because everyone else is very settled and very into taking care of their property. Therefore, I'm just gathering my evidence for why this rental agency sucks because I can guarantee they'll never find another person to rent here. They made us jump through too many hoops. This is not a military town with high turnover. Our plan is to renew our lease next winter for a few more months and if they don't allow that...well...I would definitely have to take that as a discrimination against the military kind of thing. But I'm getting ahead of myself with all of that.

4. Barr Trail. 
I mentioned last year that the Barr Trail/Incline was trying out a $40 parking fee. Apparently that was given up on and now they've just increased the price from $5 to $10, for the same reason.

5. Measles.  Since there have been confirmed cases of measles in Pittsburgh, I have a proposal: If you are a consenting adult, and refuse to get vaccinated, there should be a special holding cell for you and all of your like-minded friends. Kids not getting vaccinated is something that falls on the parents, whereas adults who refuse to get vaccinated should be locked up. I hatehatehate the way the word "privilege" is being thrown around these days, but I think "vaccine privilege" should be considered a thing. Kind of like socialism. If you think it's so great to live in a socialist country, then go find one and live there. If you think being vaccinated is bad, go live in a country where vaccines aren't common. See what happens.

6. This is vague because I don't feel like throwing out citations, but:  reviews that don't offer differing opinions or independent thoughts. I won't give specific examples, but I've seen, more than once lately, people touting reviews of books, pop culture, etc and all of those reviews are saying essentially the same thing. Newsflash: if you all love something and that's all you're going to say about it, there's no sense in more than one person writing a review. Hive-mind is a real thing, apparently.

Whew. That feels good. What's bothering you lately?


  1. dont even get me started about those anti-vax morons....makes me SO ANGRY that people refuse to get their heads out of their ass about vaccinations and continue to believe all that bullshit they read on the internet.

  2. Scott's comment to the gym person is my new favorite phrase! I doubt I'd have the gumption to use it, but I hope I get a chance to at some point.

  3. I want Scott to reprimand everyone that hasn't done what they said they would do in my life!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. I love that he went in there to the gym like that - LOL. How hard of a problem to fix could that have been?!
    We have an old school ceiling with pulls... I'm glad I talked my husband out of the remote control one now that he wanted. :)

  5. Hive Mind... isnt that the truth.
    I am someone who is not all about the flu vaccine - because they dont really know if its going to work from season to season - or the accuracy - but things like the measles - that has been fine for YEARS - I'm all about things like that. its ridiculous how crazy the spread of it is ALREADY - I just keep seeing scenes from OUTBREAK in my head

  6. Oh, Michael Scott, lol.$40 parking fee? You have got to be shitting me. Do you plan to sell the Wyoming house?


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