February 22, 2019

Friday Favorites.

1. Target brand ice cream.
I eat ice cream almost every day. I can't help myself. It's just something I've done for years now. During the last 4 weeks of pregnancy, all I ate was ice cream, toast, and watermelon. Moving to a new place, I always need to find a reliable grocery store with a decently-priced ice cream selection. I picked up one at Target a few weeks ago and I'm pleasantly surprised. The Market Pantry brand is really good and isn't $5 a half-gallon. I also like Friendly's when it's on sale, but I think that's an east coast thing. RIP Tillamook. Who knows when I'll see you again.

2. Lemongrass. I don't know how I felt about lemongrass before this last month, but I realllllly love it now. I use the essential oil in the shower and I bought this soap from Walmart. They had different scents but I liked the green bottle of Lemongrass/Spearmint, and I also got Apricot/Vanilla. It was less than $4 and hasn't ruined my hands yet. I recommend the soap (and lemongrass-scented things). I usually stock up on BBW soaps for each season but I had planned (yes, I actually planned) out my soap use so as to use up my stockpile before moving so I didn't have to bring it with me. I take soap pretty seriously.

3. The library. The county that Pittsburgh is in has a fantastic library system. There's a branch in every borough and that means I'm within 2 miles to about 4 different branches (maybe more...this city is pretty twisty/turny). My borough's is right across the highway, so less than a mile and I went a little crazy, requesting my TBR list on their website last weekend. They have everything I've wanted to read lately! Well, 7 of them came in this week. That means I have a lot of reading to do before mid-March.

They were so nice to me there too, and talked about how they have a storytime for babies, and I really do want to go...but it's right in the middle of his morning nap. I just don't think it'll work right now because I'm desperately trying to stick to a nap routine. Maybe this spring/summer, since it's for 0-24 months.

4. The gym. Along with finding a library...the gym was at the top of Scott's list of things I needed to do in order to settle in. I could write about a book about what gyms have meant to me in good ways at past duty stations and how they've been a turnoff at others.
We found a chain of gyms and he did all the research and signed us both up and there's one 2 miles from the house and they have a decent group exercise schedule and they even have childcare. I've been going to a Tuesday night class when Scott gets home from work and I've gone to a Saturday morning class that I loved. Mornings are hard if I'm tired and nights have always been better for me when it comes to exercise anyway. But if I can make it to two classes a week, the $24 a month membership will be totally worth it.

5. I'm making a point to get back to posting material on Teachers Pay Teachers. I posted this Place Value Chart on Monday. (I'm working on a schedule for myself and Mondays include this type of "work").

This is the Place Value Chart I desperately wanted as I was teaching 4th grade over the last few years. We started every year with place value and they needed a model so badly but I could never find what I wanted online. This is the updated (nicer) version of what I had created and used back then.


  1. I love that you have so many library branches so close!

  2. Ice cream is my favorite thing! I eat it every day too. Friendly's is for sure an East Coast thing. I love the library! It's such a calming place.

  3. I hear ya on the book situation. Apparently I'm not reading fast enough anymore!

  4. YAHOOO for libraries EVERYWHERE!!! Yeah - keep the nap time - story time will always be there! & keep an eye out - they may switch times

  5. Naptimes are difficult and yet necessary. Cyrus's ideal naptimes are 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., according to himself (I would not have picked these times, but he is stubborn). The 10 a.m. one works great every day of the week except Sunday, because church starts at 10 a.m. But he's usually so excited to be at church that one goes pretty okay. The 4 p.m. one is bad on every single school day because I don't usually get home until 4:30 or 4:45 or so. So he spends the end of the school day angry and wanting to be carried and then falls asleep on the way home. Sometimes he falls asleep at school at 4 and sleeps on a rug on the floor. Oh well...

    Glad you guys are finding all the necessities for a new home: libraries, etc. That will help the settling in process!

  6. I have mandatory chocolate, rather than ice cream. However if I'm out of chocolate, ice cream is my second choice. So I totally get it. Having to find a new brand of your daily staple is hard though, so I'm glad you've found a good one.

    Lemongrass is amazing. Some trees here smell like lemongrass and it's the best thing EVER.


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