January 31, 2019

Friday Favorites (including 2 life hacks)

First the life hacks.

1. Razors. I hate buying razors. They are expensive and they seem to go dull so quickly. I bought these Target-brand razors on a whim last month and they ended up being so much better than expected. They are half the price of the name brands!


2. Essential oils in the shower. I've never been on the oils train but Scott bought a diffuser last year and a set of cheaper oils from Amazon. I don't get the appeal of the diffuser, to be honest. it just takes up space and an outlet.
But, a trick I learned a few years ago: sprinkle essential oils in the shower before you turn on the water.

I did this with peppermint when I was pregnant with a sinus infection and couldn't take medicine. It helps so much. Now, I do it with a different scent each day. It's probably better to use cheap oils for something like this, actually. I got my original peppermint one from Whole Foods, so they don't have to cost a lot. Also, I used lavender at night in the shower last summer when I was pregnant and couldn't sleep.

3. This weekend it'll be warm enough to unpack the rest of our furniture and we'll also be able to take the dogs out. Scott said Scout was getting "a little thick". Sigh. He puts on weight so easily without his daily run-rounds.

I feel slightly less guilty knowing they have a freshly shampooed couch to lay on. 

4. A sweet friend sent me a birthday gift. I met Angi through our blogs years ago but it feels dumb to call her a blog friend. She's just a friend.

5. The Resident.  The last time I really recommended a show, I completely stopped watching it (Manifest, last fall). But I've also stopped watching just about everything in the last month except for for football and shows on TLC (Seeking Sister Wife is fascinating) because I have cable again.

But, I remember seeing a commercial for this and thinking it looked interesting. I watched the first few episodes on Hulu. If you're an Emily VanCamp fan, this is her new show.

So The Resident is darker than a lot of medical shows. Not bloodier or gorier but not as predictable. The characters have complex relationships and everything is kind of out in the open. That pulled me in right away. If you like medical shows or just drama, give it one episode.


  1. That’s a good idea to put oils in the shower! I’ll have to try that with the lavender because holy insomnia lately. I think I have the same ones, too.

    It does feel weird to say blog friend, you’re right. I think once you’ve moved past just blog comments and into text and email and phone call territory, the “blog” can be removed from “friend” haha.

    Definitely going to try that show. I keep seeing it and thinking it looks interesting and Isaiah is on night shifts again which means lots of solo tv time lately for yours truly...

  2. We switched to Dollar Shave Club for razors and I am really impressed with the quality AND the cost!

  3. Its just stupid how expensive razors are - especially when its supposed to be a woman's razor - like a man's razor wont do the same thing???? So dumb

  4. Oh, poor Scout! LOL. I never thought of essential oils in the shower. GREAT IDEA! I really hate the razor game too. So expensive.

  5. I love target brand razors, they are the best!

  6. I love the Angi gifts! And totally agree it feels weird to call people "blog friends"

    I'm waiting for someone to tell you how horrible those oils are for you. hahaha. You know, because you bought them from a store for less than $2102385934569384 a bottle :p
    Genius about the peppermint oil while pregnant and sick. Sick while pregnant is AWFUL.


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