October 29, 2018

Things that are lame.

I try to stay away from the word lame because I think it's...lame. It's too gentle. But lame sounds better than "stupid" or "hate".

1. I've looked everywhere and cannot find a time/date for trick-or-treat in Laramie. Everything online lists indoor events from the weekend and events from last year (because that's useful information right now), but there is no trick-or-treat that I can find. I mean, I'd like to know if they are doing regular door-to-door trick-or-treat and if/when I need to have bought candy.

2. CenturyLink. OMG I hate them. There was an issue with non-working internet and them refusing to fix it/diagnose it because Scott couldn't "verify" his account. I've had CenturyLink for 9 years (this is the first account under Scott's name) and I've never had to verify a thing. When I was talking to them and waiting for Scott to get to the phone (sorry, "Mr. Scott", as Chester the unhelpful CenturyLink employee called him), I was asked the same questions over and over again. All of a sudden, the internet light, which had been red for 12+ hours suddenly turned green. When I said this, Chester told me to unplug it and power cycle the modem. When the internet worked after this, I asked why the light suddenly turned from red to green. Chester said it was because we "power cycled" the modem. I said the light was green before that and he didn't have anything to say to that, which leads me to believe that he just pushed a button to fix the problem. These people are the worst and I hate them.

Also, our internet has been ridiculously slow and sketchy for weeks now. I know (I KNOW) it's because this account has been open for about a year now and they want to start jacking up the price. We pay a third of what we paid in Colorado, and I know that the plan CenturyLink likely uses is to get you to call to complain about the speed, and then asks you to switch to a higher-priced plan if you want your old status-quo speed.

Well, we're moving in two months and then it's good-bye to CenturyLink (hopefully forever).

3. University of Wyoming football Saturdays. Growing up near Penn State, I remember that on home game days, you did not go to State College because it was a congested, clustered nightmare of people and traffic. Scott lived on the campus for two years and he remembers this too.
Since UW football is literally the bread and butter of this part of Wyoming, we kind of assumed it'd be like this here. We live a mile or so from the stadium.
It's not like that here.
It is a ghost town on home game Saturdays. Driving by the stadium, it's like half full. There might be 6 people walking around the sidewalks. It is depressing. I don't understand it. Maybe, coming from the east coast, football was just a much bigger deal there? I have no idea. I just know that it's lame. There's more people out on campus on a Wednesday night than there are during home games.

3. Blaming someone who is not at fault for tragedy.

I won't defend or say "these are all the reasons why Trump is likely not anti-Semitic" (because reasons are many), but here's my question: This is destructive because what will happen when he's not the President anymore and bad things still happen? Literally, who will the media target their headlines at and who will anyone who disagrees with Trump decide to blame then? These are just questions I feel like no one is actually willing to answer. This clip from CNN is disgusting. They are actually trying to spin a tragedy into their agenda. Anyway, this is an article, with actual facts, written by a person who happens to be Jewish.  The last line really sums it up perfectly.

Anyway. There I go talking politics again. It's tough to avoid these days.


  1. I just dont get that thinking in todays world - how EVERYTHING is Trump's fault. Not the fault of crazy minded people - but Trump. That just astounds me. & like tragic things didnt happen before he was President? & like they wont happen when we get a new one? People love to point fingers nowadays in a whole new way - social media. GRRR

  2. Hope your internet gets sorted! We have a street that closes near us for trick or treaters and we just leave candy out! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. I hate everything about politics! ick! Good luck on the internet - I am Comcast and I have the exact same issues!!

  4. Ugh I hate dealing with internet companies! My Dad has centurylink and has nothing but issues with them. I hope your stuff gets sorted out.

    1. I loved them in Alaska way back when...they got difficult after they became big.

  5. Oh boo about the no attendance football games. I hope you've gone to one ;)

  6. I swear the whole deal with Wyoming Football parsing attendance the wrong way is Josh Allen going and cashing out. Even though I am the sportsman, but, promotion is something that needs work and I feel safe marketing is one of those deals that needs ironed out within 3 Feet. And, I don't mind changing the game, but, it gets painful to see too many people to change the game the wrong way.

  7. This is where I go with the title "Things That Grind My Gears"... it gets the point across. Although I in no way support, defend, or agree with Trump, I agree with you. These things are not his FAULT. I attribute this to blaming the bartender who gave someone 3 beers. Then that said person running someone over. It's not the bartenders fault (though we do have laws about over serving, etc.... you know what I mean).


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