October 26, 2018

Friday Favorites.

5 good things from the week...

1. I found my Ugg boots in the garage. I only got to wear these once last year in Colorado and knew I had packed them away somewhere in the spring. I had thought they were in the storage unit but completely forgot to check when we went there on Monday (I had a reminder taped to the fridge, which makes this all the more sad, really). I opened up a tuff box in the garage and there they were, thank goodness. I would like to get more than one wear out of them, after all.

2. I was on top of things enough to make sure our absentee ballots got mailed into Alaska this week.

3. I ordered Wells a snowsuit, so that was a check off my list. I got this one in 3-6 months, in gray. Initially, I was put off by the fact that it says dry-clean only, but figured I'd chance it. When it arrived and I read the label, it just says to wash cold and air dry. Which is good, because I've never been to a dry-cleaner.

4. We had two storage units in Laramie (because the one we wanted wasn't available in the size we wanted, so we got another to use as a placeholder in the meantime) and we cleaned out and consolidated this week, so now we only have one storage unit. Another check off the list.

5. I gave up and moved Wells to his crib at night. The celebration here is that he's spent two successful nights in a row in his crib. He's gotten up to eat 3 times each night, but he's slept soundly and quietly otherwise. I think I mentioned before that he hated the rock-and-play in our room and I hated the rock-and-play in our room and he also wanted nothing to do with the bassinet. So the crib it is, even if I'd planned on keeping him in our room while we lived in this house. (I don't know what his deal is really, because as I type, he's asleep on the kitchen counter, so this can't be that environmental, right?).


  1. He looks lost in that snowsuit-lol!!! Sooo cute!

  2. I'm glad that snowsuit is easy to clean. I mean, if you had a BABY item with a dry-clean only material? That thing would never sell. I mean, babies make EVERYTHING dirty, right?
    Glad Wells is getting into that crib now. Put that Rock & Play away now - OUTTA THERE!

  3. one thing i learned re: kids and sleep - just when you think you have it figured out, they do something different and you're back at square one! however, it does get better as they age!!

  4. Babies in snowsuits are the cutest thing ever. I need to pull Imogen’s out from last winter and see if there’s any way it’ll fit her again! She was swimming in it last year just like Wells in that photo, haha.

    ^^^ What Kathy said about sleep. Never a truer word spoken.

  5. The snowsuit!!!! Hehe I just love it so much.

  6. Why would they make anything for babies or children that is dry clean only? Ha ha ha. Glad you found an easy work-around.

  7. I never dry-clean, I just take the risk and handwash stuff. I'm sure there are things that really need to be drycleaned, but not in this house. :P
    The snowsuit is too cute! Baby sleep, man. Cyrus is down to a solid three wake-ups and two feedings a night and I've tried telling him that it's a little excessive for his age but he has yet to agree with me on that.


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