September 3, 2018

BIP Thoughts.

I am behind, I know. Wells and I (the baby, not the bartender) caught up a little last week during feedings at 3am. The light from the TV provides just enough for me to see him and not trip over things, without being bright enough to actually wake him up. This doesn't mean he goes back to sleep efficiently, but it doesn't completely wake him up either.

Anyway, I meant to get this up on Friday but I wasn't even done with all FOUR hours of it until Friday night so here we are. Apparently tonight's episode is 3 hours? I think it's the JADEandTANNERCARLYandEVAN episode with the babies. I could do without all that nonsense. But, then again, it's all nonsense, right?

1. I really like Astrid. She was on Reality Steve's podcast months and months ago and she has a really interesting backstory...she grew up in Germany, her mom married a doctor from Florida, she moved here when she was a teenager, etc. She went into the challenges she's faced and all that. I truly think she's an interesting person.

2. I don't know what the deal is with Annaliese. I want to like her, but she's trying too hard? She's 33 and just because a guy is available, doesn't mean he's the guy for you...Jordan, Kenny, Kamil...

Apparently the only big thing that happens on the After Paradise special is something with Annaliese. I loosely skimmed some spoilers.

3. Reality Steve also has a spoiler about who the next Bachelor will likely be. Visit the site and last Thursday's post if you dare. Apparently, it's supposed to be announced this week?

4. I've always been iffy about Kevin because he was with Ashley and she is, without a doubt, my least favorite of this franchise. I cannot stand the sound of her voice or the words it makes. Ugh.
However, Kevin is one that I've enjoyed watching be normal on Paradise.

5. I was never a huge Eric fan. He did so much yelling at people during the first half of Rachel's season (I particularly HATE when people say Why is my name in your mouth?). I don't know if he had a good thing going with Angela or not...I had to look up Angela since she was from Nick's season and she's a "model". I thought she'd have been more of a catch.

Really? You love sweets. So does everyone.

We can all say what we want about Tia, but at least she has a very respectable job, you know? (physical therapist)



I watch on Hulu these days so I likely won't be caught up again until Friday ha ha ha. 

It's been a long weekend (literally) of solo-babying in these parts, so hopefully tomorrow arrives quickly. 


  1. Poor Annaliese. That girl just comes across as DESPERATE> How she can be ready to marry someone she's met in 2 days... I just dont get her. She needs some help.
    I LOVE KEVIN!!!!!!! LOVE HIM! He really does seem normal & like a good guy. I felt so bad for him last night (have you watched it yet?) ... that was just cruel to have him stand there to watch Ashley. UGHHHHH
    I'm DYING to hear your thoughts on the new Bachelor.
    I never understood the whole Eric love either. he totally rubs me the wrong way.

  2. I never watched Bachelor in Paradise, until this season. And it's got me hooked. Annaliese just oozes desperation. Eric is slime. I respect that Colton broke it off with Tia. I think he was just in it because he felt he had to be to make everyone else happy. Astrid and Kevin are a power couple to look up to. I love that Jordan seems so normal and is so happy with Jenna.


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