August 30, 2018

Stuff and Things 8/30

+An article on the teacher shortage in Florida. I haven't heard anything good about schools in Florida, to be honest, aside from the private schools. I only know a few people who have worked there/are from there, though.However, there were at least 3 typos in this article, so...go figure.

+An article on another Colorado district going to a 4-day school week. This is super common in Colorado. There's 181 districts in the state and 98 do the 4-day week. Colorado doesn't generally spend a lot of money on their schools, so I'm not surprised that one of the biggest districts (it's near Denver) is following the trend.

+I think I mentioned awhile back that my library card in Colorado expired. I know. I'm confused too.
I haven't been back there to renew it and, honestly, I don't really care.
Except for the fact that I got an email that the book I was on hold for was available for me. Only I can't actually get it through my Kindle card is expired.

I know. I think this whole thing makes perfect sense too.

And though I got a card for the library here, I haven't exactly had the time or desire to venture in with a newborn yet...and I'm too lazy to try and figure out their online system at this point. Maybe next month.

+I got this sweatshirt at Wal-Mart last week. Super soft and well-made too. I might go back for a second in burgundy. Size up. The small looked plenty big on the rack, but medium was a perfect fit when I got it home.

+Who works out in the morning? I've been hiking or trail-walking almost every day, whether with the baby or with the dogs, and if I go before noon, I get nothing else done because as soon as that is done, I shut down and nap or watch TV.

+I'm late to the game, but started listening to Rachel Hollis' podcast, Rise. I've purposely avoided her book, Girl, Wash Your Face, because it seemed like the next big thing and kind of gimmicky. I don't need someone telling me I don't have to be a people-pleaser, which is what all those types of self-help books seem to do. (I'm the opposite of a people-pleaser and have no problem telling people no.) However, she seems to have some insight. I initially avoided her also because a lot of these self-help people come from very privileged backgrounds and that's annoying. She doesn't and, while that's unfortunate, it's refreshing enough to make her brand stand out for me.

At least it's Thursday (for all of those in the working world), right?


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  2. I did that book on audiobook & her voice just irked me so bad. I was just like, "come on young whipper-snapper" :) haha I did enjoy the book but not like everyone seems to be raving over it. I was just like, "Meh - it was alright"

  3. I am pretty impressed with my niece and nephews schools in Florida. It's a shame that other areas there are struggling.

  4. if i work out in the morning i am super productive all day... except if i am going to be home. then i sit around and do nothing, but at least you exercised already lol. definitely checking out the sweatshirt from walmart. can you sign up to a new library without going anywhere? i joined the library in the county KC works in and it's an online only thing so i didn't have to make him go and get the card lol.

  5. When I graduated I went to a job fair and a Florida school district was doing interviews on the spot. Did one and got invited down, expenses except for airfare, paid to interview again at another fair .get to fair and was told this actually guaranteed me a job but I was too late picking. I was like uhh and decided that state wasn't for me... especially when driving from Tampa to the county it was in I felt like I was in East St Louis and that's a major no no.

  6. I'm in FL now and the state I just came from (IL) had teacher shortages too. My school started the year down 3 positions and now only 1 is still empty but will be filled by one of our current student teachers after she graduates. I think the quality is relative and that happens everywhere. I was in a district in IL where I would have sent my kids even with its bad rep, but I also knew which schools I was ok with sending my kids to. Same here in FL, but my kids will be able to attend the school I am at. There is no perfect school, but there are lots of good things going on in the districts I've been in but you only see the bad. I'm currently in one of the largest in FL and it's like #3 on the underfunded list. Other than lack of technology, I feel like we are doing pretty good.


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