September 11, 2018

August/September Book(s)

I wish I had more to link up than just this one, but it was a good one and it's the only book I've finished lately.

I generally try to be pretty organized about my reading by keeping up with my library lists, updating Goodreads for recommendations and progress, and finishing what I start when it comes to books (unless I have a good reason not to).

In August, I read an ARC that comes out in November so I'll talk about it later this fall.

In August, I read half of In High Cotton. It's a Neely Kate mystery by Denise Grover Swank. I'm over Neely Kate. She didn't need her own series. I really just want the Rose Gardner narrative to move forward, please. I finished this book wanting more and, since the author alternates back to Neely Kate after every Rose book, I'm not going to get that for awhile.

In September, I read The Last Mrs. Parrish. I know many of you have already read it and a few people have said it wasn't that great. I would disagree and whole-heartedly recommend it. This is why:

(Disclaimer: If you're new here, you'll get no summaries or spoilers or synopses from me. That's what publishers are for. So feel free to read spoiler-free!)

The "new" "popular" book on the market isn't always amazing and I don't always seek them out right away because I've learned that you can't live and die by other people's opinions on books. While this is a plot that's not unfamiliar to us in 2018, I liked the way it was put together. I think the writing was good and I didn't skim any of it. If I start skimming, I need to just put the book down (this is something I've learned about myself and my reading in recent years).

With The Last Mrs. Parrish, I never wanted to put it down. Or rather, I was always thinking about picking it back up.

I have a 2 month old who needs attention and care. The thought of picking up a book during my only downtime or at the end of the day is always the furthest thing from my mind. But I couldn't stop reading this one. That is high, high praise, I think.

I started out by telling myself I would read five chapters a day (they're short chapters) in order to actually make progress and finish the book, and I did that for like 5 days in a row. Then, it got so good that I read the second half of it in one afternoon, while I placated the 2 month old by rocking the bouncer with one hand and holding the book in the other.  I'm not saying it's the best book I've ever read but my rule is that if I can't stop reading a book, I have to give it 5 stars on Goodreads. The purpose of a book is to make you want to read, so the book did its job in this case. 

Again, high praise coming from my current situation.

That's all I can really say about it. If you like the thriller genre with multiple POVs and occasional unreliable narration, it's worth your time.

Currently, I have a couple of books on hold at the library...I'm using the system at the library that's 6 blocks away because CONVENIENT. In fact, I had a book on hold and they emailed me personally to say that they searched the library more than once and couldn't find their copy and they were very sorry and they offered me an interlibrary loan. I feel like this is a good example of customer service.

So I'll be checking the Show Us Your Books posts today in order to find more to put on hold.

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  1. I agree, Kristin. People kept saying The Wife Between Us was so good but I thought this was better. I’m having a hard time putting When Life Gives you Lululemons down now! I think it’s important to not just read about baby stuff so that is great!

  2. I've heard mixed reviews on that one as well - but yep, you can never take anyones opinion yourself. I have hated MANY a popular book.
    I love a book that you dont want to put down or you cant wait to pick back up. Those are my favorite & I always hate to end them. But cant wait to get to the end. Such a roller coaster of emotion :) haha

  3. That's great customer service from your library! And I'm glad to hear you liked this one. It sounds like a good read, and I'm with you - if a book makes me want to KEEP reading, then it deserves all the stars even if it's not the best book ever. That's not how I rate things. :)


  4. I am all about not bothering to finish a book if you don't like it. Who wants to waste time on something like with so many great books out there to read?

  5. I just picked up 5 yesterday and just when I try to get my lists down I'm always adding!

  6. i feel like we have different tastes more often than not lol but i'm adding this one to my list! i am not stingy with my 5 stars, if i enjoyed a book and keep thinking about picking it back up, that's a 5 star book to me.

  7. I believe Mrs Parrish is on my TBR (I'm getting old and can't remember off the top of my head any longer) and I do remember it has mixed reviews but that's always cool by me. People like what they like. My favorite is when I dislike a book to only go back years later and realize that I now love it! :D

  8. I definitely didn't read as much when my daughter was newborn but I did like using downtime to read (you know, instead of doing all the things I was supposed to be doing)

  9. Glad you loved this one since its on my list!

  10. I just checked and this is already on my TBR, but I had no idea what it was about. It really is the best when a book can keep you hooked-- I've really struggled with that this year & I can relate to really valuing those moments of free time.

  11. I just had the last Mrs. Parish come from the library, and I had to send it right back, because I was in the middle of another book.

  12. Yeah I think I read one book per year (maybe!) when my kids were as young as yours so you're doing great! How nice that your library system was so helpful!!

  13. I think that's definitely a good rating system! Five star books are ones that make me read and want to read more on my scale too! I enjoyed this book as well and couldn't put it down!

  14. I'm sure it's tough to read with a new little one! Checking out The Last Mrs. Parrish. Thanks for the rec!

  15. Hang in there, I'm sure it's hard to find time to read with a little one. :) Glad you enjoyed this book, I've heard good things! :) Xo - Alexandra

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