August 23, 2018

Stuff and Things 8/23

+I've discovered there is no climate for me. It doesn't actually matter where we live because we've hit almost every climate at this point. This is what life is like for me:

+We are hearing whisperings of where we may be stationed next. We were expecting to go to Kansas next and that's likely not the case due to the program Scott is currently working his way through. Nothing is ever for certain, even after those orders are in hand, but we have a few ideas of where our choices are going to be. We got a list but there wasn't much choice involved: they were leftover slots so it kind of is what it is at this point.

We're supposed to move in January.

I feel like getting to these places and orchestrating a move is more logistical power than I currently possess. As well as, I can't even process the thought of moving right now.

How I feel when it comes to "time to move":

+I went to Starbucks a few weeks ago and ordered an iced coffee in the drive-through. She handed me the drink and then said And here's a straw for you. I don't remember ever having a straw announced to me in the past, in all my Starbucks drive-through experiences. I'm assuming that they, as well as a lot of other establishments, are going to expect people to start saying No thanks, I brought my own, and I know a lot of people carry reusable straws. However, if I am paying you for overpriced coffee, Starbucks, you're going to give me a straw. 

+I have an embarrassing amount of correspondence to catch up on. Emails, texts, phone calls...all to well-meaning friends, family, etc. I just don't have it in me to do long conversations right now. Is that completely awful? The one thing I'm good at is snail mail though. I sent out thank you cards for baby gifts as we received them, and birth announcements were mailed out last week too.
I'm actually better at keeping the house clean than I am at keeping up with people these days.

+I made these brownies the other day. I advise that, if you are a texture-sensitive person, do not ever put oatmeal in brownies. I threw them away. I do recommend these cookies though if you're searching for something with "lactation" in the title. They were really good.

+School started last week in Colorado but it starts this week in Laramie. I expect a huge rise in traffic, children (we live between two elementary schools), and dumb pedestrians (the University of Wyoming is less than a mile away).

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  1. People are saying no to the straw for environmental reasons, not money reasons. LOL


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