July 27, 2018

5 Bachelorette Things (Becca)

Oh, Becca.

I've not paid that much attention to this season just because the release of news stories spoiled it really early on and, honestly, I find the show pretty cringe-worthy in general. It actually is embarrassing to pay too much attention to when it's physically on the screen. I really just enjoy recaps and thoughts and opinions about it because everyone interprets the show so differently.

Here's what I'm thinking at this point and, keep in mind, I do know who "wins" (always in quotations that word needs to be).

1. Blake is boring. Period. He's probably a great guy but he looks boring and he seems boring. Also, I had to look up where Bailey, Colorado is and it's really out there.

2. Becca, what Arie did to you is not what you did to Jason. You respectfully let the guy go before the fantasy suites because you didn't see a point in prolonging things. You are still playing "the game" of being the Bachelorette. Arie proposed to you, planned a life with you, ambushed you on camera, and told the whole world he was leaving you for the most boring person on the planet. That is different.

3. All I could think about was how dirty that river they were floating on had to be. Lots of elephant feces and whatnot.

4. I actually liked Jason and don't get why everyone has to hate on his hair. At least he isn't identical to every.other.guy. He'd be an okay Bachelor but who can really predict who they'll pick...

5. I don't get all the Garrett hate. I understand what he did and I understand that a lot of people use their own political bias (i.e. every podcaster) to be against him now. This does not mean he's a bad person or an awful individual. It means he liked something on Instagram that was a politically-driven joke that was made in poor taste. "People" want him to give more of a genuine apology than he already did and "grow and learn" from his "mistake" but couldn't he just say whatever will sound best to shut people up? Yes. He could lie if that would make everyone happy. It'd probably be easier than giving the actual statement/apology he already did, because that is being said to not be evidence enough of his "willingness" to "grow".

Just because you believe he's wrong doesn't mean you're right for stringing him up. He can be wrong and you can still not be right.

For the record, I legitimately don't think he's racist. I think he just thought some memes were funny and that was the end of the story. YOU don't have to like/date/marry him but YOU (to alllll the podcasters I hate-listen to) don't need to take on the responsibility of attempting to change his opinion or take it so darn personally.

And let's not forget that another contestant was actually convicted of sexual assault in the last month and that he was charged with it before going on the show. People seem to be more willing to wave that away as a producer/recruiter error while this was all about what a terrible person (non-assaulting) Garrett is.

Well, to end the week on a heavy note, there we are.

This weekend we have my parents and my brother visiting and maybe some friends too, so it'll be the opposite of last weekend, which will be nice.

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