June 8, 2018

I'm aware...

...that we generally do not have good luck. It really started the minute Scott and I met. His car broke down a week later and his motorcycle not soon after that. He bought a truck and nearly totaled it by hitting a deer a week later. Since then, it's been up and down and up and down and the last year or so has been particularly rough.

I will say that the best stroke of luck we've had is a healthy pregnancy, a so-far healthy baby, and no complications on that end of things, medically. (Though, Scott has been in Colorado a lot while I'm in Wyoming and he did ask me if I thought I'd be able to drive myself to the hospital if need be...so there's that.)

Everything else has completely fallen apart multiple times in the last 14 months or so. (August, April, etc.)

While in Wyoming the other day, in the middle of a Colorado House Crisis of some sort (I'm going to start just referring to this debacle as "CHC" from here on out because we get hit with something else every day), tornado sirens went off, which was a little unsettling. We have no basement, so the crawl space it was and the dogs weren't having that easily. When we saw that it was predicted to hit town in 30 minutes, we just got in the truck and left, driving in an adjacent direction toward the mountains. The dogs got a walk by a lake and we didn't even see a raindrop.

All this to say that with all the upheaval and the (stupid) Blogger commenting issue, I've definitely been a bit MIA, despite having time on my hands.

Things I did this week:

1. Got a $14 Great Clips haircut.
2. Went to a 34 week doctor's appointment.
3. Finished as much of the baby's room as I could without Scott here to help me hang things up.
4. Organized the kitchen. It's too small but whatever.
5. Read a book that I was, sadly, not that impressed with.
6. Watched season 4 of Younger while I attempted to organize our clothes and closets.
7. Fought with Jett over bed/pillow space in the middle of the night**.

So really, I'm just doing what I normally do and I plan to have this house organized by Sunday*. Wish me luck.

*It's worth saying that half of our furniture is in Colorado and will probably stay there for the time being, so I really am trying to reorganize our daily life and it's slightly stressful.
**This is also why Jett and I fight over bed space: We're making due with a queen bed for now.

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  1. So glad y'all are okay!! I just can't with this blogger comment issue. So annoying!


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