August 14, 2017

Can't even

Oh these last few weeks.

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Scott keeps telling me not to be stressed out because everything we're trying to do is his stress, not my stress. But his stress is my stress #becausemarriage.

So, over the last few weeks, every outdoor tool and/or piece of equipment we use regularly has broken. This includes but is not limited to: lawn mowers (plural), swamp cooler, vehicles, pressure washer, sprinkler system...there's more I'm sure but keeping track is depressing. He has fixed all of these things as they decide to stop working.

In addition, we are trying to finish the new bathroom in the basement because we may be having some friends stay with us and they need functioning living accommodations. We are in the process of buying a second house (again, can't even) and we are doing a major swap/sale/trade of vehicles. We currently have 3 trucks and an SUV.

As well as...with the constant rain/hail of late, our dirt road has surpassed "mud puddle" and turned into "lake".

After picture is forth-coming

Scott bought a water pump, hooked it up to a generator, and is trying to remedy the solution under the suspicious eye of neighbors who are, I can only guess, okay with "lake". But when some saw what he was doing, they were very happy and offered whatever they could to help. We spent the weekend pumping water. He did at least and I helped the best I could because his stress is my stress. We also ate a lot of ice cream.

See the blue truck in the picture? That's our Nissan from Alaska. We got it back from Pennsylvania and it's my new ride until Scott fixes my SUV because there's an issue (never again, RAV4) and he can't fix the SUV until we have a garage and we won't have a garage until we close on this house (I won't even tell you where this house is yet because that adds another layer of complication). We're excited about the house for many reasons and are looking forward to a fresh bit of change but we can't close on the house until the end of September so that adds yet another layer of complication.

This is really just a story of cause/effect and complication. We have a good life and things aren't that bad but man. If I'm quiet, this is literally why. It's too much to explain but this is a rough summary.

Oh, and school starts tomorrow and I'm overwrought with nervousness. Today is the hard day though with meetings/planning and then Meet-the-Teacher in the evening. It'll be a 14 hour day. Brilliant way to start a week, right?


  1. The first pic is great and the second is terrifying. Is that the only way to/from your house? Yikes! Good luck with all of the stressors and the start of the school year. It sounds far, but the end of September will be here before you know it. You got this :)

  2. Good Luck tomorrow! I feel you on his stress is your stress. <3

  3. I think that even one or two things on that list sound like enough stress for one person to reasonably be expected to handle. I hope things even out soon and you are able to breathe a sigh of relief in the next few weeks! Yikes! I'm not a professional but I say EAT ALL THE ICE CREAM!!! Thinking of you guys.

  4. You deserved all that ice cream - FO SURE!!!
    Have a great first day tomorrow & making it through the meetings today!

  5. Good luck with the first day!!! I hope it all goes smoothly!

  6. Oh girl, hope things ease up for you soon.

  7. Hope the first day of school goes well! All of the mechanical failure has got to be the biggest headache...sometimes it seems machines know how to cause the biggest problems they can. Ice cream does help a bit!

  8. I totally get it but on our own set of "can't evens". Good luck with school this year, I hope you get a good bunch!

  9. Happy first day of school, friend! I hope it goes smoothly for you.
    And that life settles a bit. . . spells like that, where everything just goes wrong ... it gets to you. Especially when you're already knocked down a bit. Sending you all my hugs & happy vibes! <3

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  11. (Oops wrong account!) You could spend a day boating on that puddle. I can't get over how much space you have around your house! And associated machinery...! We have a small balcony and I'm still managing to neglect it.

  12. That is the way it seems to go, isn't it?! Glad you rewarded yourselves with some ice cream! Hope your first week of school is going well!


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