August 11, 2017

5 Friday Bachelorette Things

Now that we've all had time to process the horror of Monday night, here's my thoughts:

1. I do not think Bryan was a wise choice, based on what we saw as viewers. And Rachel was really mean to Peter in an unnecessary kind of way.

2. I think Peter will be the next Bachelor, absolutely.

3. Podcasts you could/should listen to if you want to rehash the finale: Rose Pricks is funny, AfterBuzz is informative, and Here to Make Friends is kind of all-encompassing but their political correctness shows. They won't say anything bad about Rachel because they want her on the podcast.

4. I think Rachel is smart. I don't dislike her. And I know she knows a whole lot that we didn't see #becauseediting. BUT from what we saw, she made a poor choice. Either the producers gave her a bad edit or she really made a poor choice. That's my position on the subject (that no one cares about).

5. And because reading live-tweeting is reallllly amusing:

A Lauren Conrad gif is ALWAYS appropriate. I miss The Hills.

Also, random: GoT was amazing on Sunday night. 

We allllll know 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place finishers are the real winners. Bryan's run is done.

Thoughts? Who is watching Paradise?


  1. one of the bachelorette contestants was our bartender at my family reunion last saturday! LOL

  2. Live tweeting during things like this is THE BEST!!!!!!!
    Have you been watching them on social media making the rounds? I swear, they dont even touch or hold hands or have that "MUST BE CLOSE TO YOU" reaction most bachelor couples do... so crazy

  3. I pretty much agree with everything you said. I lost respect for Rachel after she was so rude to Peter after he apologized for what he said.

  4. omg i don't watch it but those tweets are hilarious, especially the superbowl one.

  5. I haven't been able to stop thinking about this finale! That never happens! I'm still trying to figure out why you would cry your eyelashes off over someone you weren't going to choose because he wouldn't propose when you had someone else that you loved waiting. I could see it if she was only dating one person in real life and being that upset, but if she knew who she really loved, why get that upset? I hope it works out for her, and I'm sure it's editing that makes us feel that way, but seriously. Also I thought she was horrible to Peter for no good reason. He apologized for what he said, so why act like that? Also I'm a little annoyed that all of her recent IG posts have basically been sponsored stuff...


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