June 22, 2018

5 Friday Things.

1. Week 36 is just about over now.

(Insert fine dog gif)

Kind of getting there. I did get a pedicure the other day.

2. I went to the doctor and I'll spare you the exact numbers, but she told me I could go into labor any day or I could sit like this until the end of July. There's some uncertainty for you. I told Scott he could go back and forth to Colorado until my due date and then he has to stay here. I'll just throw it out there that I, as a baby, was over two weeks late, so I FULLY EXPECT to go to 40 weeks at least, but never say never, right?

3. I've noticed that some people are using God's name as a way to sell Beautycounter these days. Really? Claiming God wouldn't want you to put toxins in/on your body through beauty products does not mean He prefers Beautycounter (at least, I'm pretty sure).
For the record: I do use a few of their products, but God has nothing to do with it. I just happen to like them. 
I just think that's a reallllly shady way to toss your lifestyle out as advertising means.

4. We watched the movie Baywatch the other night. I thought it was funny and worth a try if you have Hulu. Also, Dirty Grandpa. Hilarious.  We've also been watching The Curse of Oak Island on Hulu and it's fine enough, just super repetitive in an almost comical way. Other than that, it's just been reruns of Gossip Girl for me. I'm terribly bored with The Bachelorette.  Although, the labor & delivery nurse who works with my doctor is Becca's doppelganger, so that keeps it interesting. 

5. We took the dogs to their new vet in Laramie for their annual shots on Tuesday. I never would've been able to wrangle them in there on my own. I complained a lot about our vet in Colorado (and I still would because they were unnecessarily expensive and incompetent and GO SOMEWHERE ELSE if you live in Colorado Springs). This vet seems fine so far. The tech was the first person to ever get Jett's temperature. In all his ER vet trips and regular check-ups, no one has ever managed to get his temperature. Sure, Scott had to pin him down on the table (I could NOT have managed this trip by myself), but she got a temperature. 
Also, while getting his rabies shot, Jett jumped and yelped so high and loud that the syringe flew up into the air and almost stabbed us all. 

Bonus #6: Scott took the dogs swimming the other day. Since he's doing reservoir research, he can take them and they swim while he digs and takes measurements and samples and etc. It is the happiest place for Scout. He was in so much bliss that he had fallen asleep standing up in these pictures. 

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