June 26, 2014

Stuff and Things 6/26

+Fun fact:  I played soccer for 13 years.  However, I have no interest in the World Cup and the bandwagon jumpers are kind of annoying.  There's many people who talk about it just because it seems to be popular/politically correct conversation right now.  Kind of like how everyone gets all riled up about the Olympics.

+One of my high school friends went to Comic Con in Philadelphia last week.  She had her picture taken with Shane.  I mean, Jon Bernthal.  I'm pretty jealous.

Some may call him "terrible human being".  I call him "no-nonsense". 

+I went to a Pilates class on Tuesday. This was the first time in 18 months. I wasn't avoiding it; I just couldn't find one in Missouri.  They offer them on the base here for $3, and you can't beat that.
Anyway, after 18 months of no Pilates classes, I've actually gotten much better.  I mean, I was ADVANCED.  How crazy is that?  Two and a half years ago, I couldn't bend over and touch my toes. A year ago, I couldn't do a proper roll up.  I credit Robin at The Balanced Life for keeping me on track!

+Scout and Jett went to the vet on Monday.  Scout had a traumatic experience when they drew blood for a heart worm test and then he hid under the chairs.   

+I can't say I had the amazing experience at the vet that I was expecting.  After all, their website is so well done and I'd had that good experience at the dentist last week (not that dentists and vets are related…).  But after being charged waaaay too much money and being sold $50 of probiotics for my dog, I think I might be in the market for a new vet.  I gave those probiotics right back. I've never paid more than $60 for a trip to the vet. And I'd appreciate being told how much things cost as they are throwing them at me…not just giving me an obscene total at the end of the visit.
Jett has one more vaccination to get in a few weeks (which will probably cost an entire paycheck, if the pattern continues), and then I think we're done there.  Sorry, Fountain Creek Vet.  I cannot give you a stamp of approval. 

+I really hope this doesn't make me seem like an elitist snob, but a Denny's restaurant just opened up where we used to live.  On the Facebook group for the spouses at Ft. LW, there's lots of conversations about this Denny's.  People talking about how the food is good, the food isn't good, the prices are too high, the service is bad, etc.  I mean, it's a Denny's. The word "excited" keeps getting thrown around.  They're a chain restaurant.  They're pretty much the same everywhere.  Also, they have them at almost every exit off the interstate in Missouri.

Or maybe I'm just an elitist-Blair-Waldorf-wannabe-snob.  Or maybe not.  It's a Denny's for goodness sakes.

+I spent 2 1/2 weeks looking for the box with our blender, a bunch of dishes, and half our knife set.  Oh-em-gee.  I just about lost my mind over this one.  I was convinced that someone had stolen one cardboard box off the trailer when Scott stopped for gas or something and that it was THAT box.  I was ready to buy a new blender.  I had to make my margaritas in the knock-off Magic Bullet last weekend.

I found the box on Tuesday and now I feel like my world is coming together.

+Once upon a time, I took several college credits in Alaska.  The transcripts started rolling in this week.  Ah, memories.

+I'd tell you all that my brothers' birthday is today (and Happy Birthday to them!), but they don't read my blog and you don't know them…so.…gift cards are on the way, boys.  However, I just mailed my dad's Father's Day gift yesterday, so…there's that.

Well, this was a nice, boring Stuff and Things.  Got anything to share?


  1. Missing that box would make me totally crazy.

  2. I don't think I've ever had a vet visit cost less than $100. And I just get her a check-up and vaccines! I'm also from California and still get a kick out of paying less than $4.25 per gallon of gas, so take this info with a grain of salt ;)

  3. I laughed so hard at the Denny's thing.
    I never understood why people talked about things like that. It's Denny's! They have them everywhere?!
    But at the same time, the Wendy's in Alaska was AMAZING (overpriced but good), the Wendy's here SUCKS!
    It's the same food just not fresh and that's because of the people working.
    People are weird though. I'd never say, "OMG! Go to the Wendy's in Alaska! SO good" it's still a wendy's! People are so weird.

  4. I think Denny's is like Walgreens, they pop up on every corner and like you said, on every exit on the interstates. I personally have not eaten at one in years and don't really plan on changing that.

  5. I feel like our vet just makes things up about bella to get us to spend money, because she really seems fine ! We keep up with her flea meds and give her food that she isn't allergic to and everything!

    xo, Hima
    Hima Hearts

  6. We moved 10 months ago and there is still a box with our napkin holder in it that I cannot find. It is driving me INSANE.

    My dogs cost a fortune at the vet. Well, one more than the other because he's a complete mess. I think dollar signs get in their eyes whenever we walk in the door. But I love our vet, though, so I think that makes a difference.

  7. We take our pups to the Humane Society. I really can't beat the prices, and someone donated a ton of money to the organization and they built a swanky new office. I love it. Butttt, the fellow clientele and staff are ghetto as could be. I dread going. So hey if that's snobby like the Denny's comment, then we can be snobs together, lol. But it's so much less money than a private vet, so I will just continue to whine but happily save my money, lol.
    Yesterday after work, I spent five hours unpacking the kithen. I was so tired of not being able to find what I needed. I'd have improvised and made margaritas, as well ;)

  8. Poor pup :( ... I'm looking for a new vet as well. the prices they charge are ridiculous - especially when I hear the service others are getting at other vets.

  9. I am often left thinking...uh, what? when people discuss things like a denny's to death. I second your thoughts: it's a denny's for goodness sake.

    Not being able to find boxes is the worst thing ever. If it makes you feel better, we moved to this house in March 2013. There's still one kitchen box left in the dining room that I haven't unpacked. Part of me just wants to throw it away because I obviously don't need it.

    Until I throw it away and realize...crap.

  10. I'm pretty much stunned about this reaction to a Denny's. Let's be frank. Denny's IS cheap. It's supposed to be cheap. And their food sucks. Growing up, one of us I the family always ended up not feeling well after eating at Denny's I can't even tell you the last time I ate at one, but it's probably been at LEAST 15 years.

    So I guess what I'm trying to say is, you're not an elitist snob. Denny's sucks. :)


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