June 24, 2014

Hiking in Pueblo and Stuff Scott Says

These pictures are from Lake Pueblo State Park.  
They're unedited except for the "enhance" feature on iPhoto.

As I'm rewatching season 1 of Gossip Girl and he's already watched the finale with me so he knows who Gossip Girl is:
Scott:  So stupid.
Me:  It's all very interesting…
Scott:  And it was _______ the whole time?!  So dumb.  (walking away) XOXO, Gossip Girl.

As he puts ice into the homemade green tea, Scott makes a face.
Me: Does it taste bad?
Scott:  What?  Oh.  No. It's fine.
Me:  Why'd you make a face?
Scott:  Oh, you didn't see.  I spilled it. I was just waiting to get yelled at…you know, like how when Scout puts his ears back when he's in trouble.

As I'm sitting at my computer, trying to format my lesson plan template…for the 3rd time in the last few years.
Scott:  What are you doing?
Me: Being overwhelmed.
Scott:  It's a hard knock life for Kristin…it's a hard knock life for Kristin (goes back to nailing plywood into the floor)

When he couldn't find something…
Scott:  You threw them away, didn't you?
Me: No.  I don't see how I could've…
Scott:  You did because I saw them in the garbage and then I took them out because I knew you were going to throw them away.  
Me:  Where did you put them when you took them out?
Scott:  Behind the garbage can.
Me:  That's a really dumb place to put something that's not garbage.  I probably thought they fell out and put them back in the can.

These are sneaker soles that we were discussing.

…and after the above conversation

Driving into the Home Depot parking lot…
Scott:  Oh, a Goodwill bin.  I'm gonna need that when I gather up all your stuff and drop it off tomorrow.
Me:  What?
Scott:  You throw away my stuff, I take yours.

Lake Pueblo State Park is south of Colorado Springs and it really feels like the desert.  The town of Pueblo is pretty booming…lots of stores, restaurants, little shops, and a river walk. We plan to explore it again now that we know where to go. When I think of all the places we've been, this is definitely a new kind of environment!


  1. It looks gorgeous! We have friends outside of Colorado Springs, and they love living in CO. In other news, I died at the Gossip Girl convo.

  2. "You throw away my stuff, I take yours". This cracked me up. That's absolutely something Justin would say.

  3. Haha I love the comment about the Goodwill bin. That is definitely something Kyle would say.

  4. Love your photos!

    hahaha @ the spilled reaction. Or pre-reaction I guess.

  5. Keith has those exact same responses to various things, esp the gossip girl one but for the bachelorette and bachelor. I kinda like watching with him just to see his reactions.

  6. It looks so pretty!

    haha love the Goodwill comment.

  7. I have a sinking feeling I'm going to hate who Gossip Girl ends up being. I'm pretty sure I already know and if I do, I hate it.

    Colorado is pretty.

  8. Your photos are beautiful! I also love the banter between you and your husband. It reminds me of me and my husband. :)
    ~Amanda from His and Her Hobbies

  9. What a beautiful place! Definitely go back (and take more photos)!
    I love the stories about Scott, the Gossip Girl one was my #1 fave. They like to pretend they don't pay attention but secretly, he's into it. I mean how can you not like Gossip Girl? That's the real problem here.

  10. I love Colorado. My dad had to go to Colorado Springs and Pueblo for work many times. We would visit him on the long trips. I would love to live there one day.

  11. I love those pictures!

    And ruining a TV show? My husband (also named Scott) would totally do the same thing.

  12. LOL He is hilarious! :)

    Photos are gorgeous!


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