June 15, 2018

5 Friday Things.

1. There was a huge hail storm in Colorado Springs on Tuesday night. Luckily, our house and property were spared (this time), but it destroyed thousands of cars and properties in Fountain.

But no worries! The Fountain Police Department *won't* fine you for your broken windshield for two weeks. They're giving you a "grace period".

I hate Colorado Springs so much...your ability to not be fined hundreds of dollars is based on your ability to get your car into a repair shop and navigate insurance claims before everyone else. This goes back to the fact that Colorado claims they can't make money in any other way. 

2. We have lilac bushes everywhere in Laramie. That's something I've really missed, so it's nice having two in our yard, even if their bloom ended this week. As well as, there is a particular summer smell in the air and it's the same smell that floated around in Alaska in the summer. Definitely some kind of plant or tree but since my sense of smell is "like a dog's" right now (according to Scott), I notice it ten-fold.

3. This weekend, I'm making and freezing a double batch of this beef vegetable soup. I have no idea what I'll feel like eating post-baby, but Scott loves this, so having dinner in the freezer has to be helpful, right?

4.  Scott told me he was sick of CFA and I kind of agree. I like their lemonade and tea but their food is usually just something I get every few weeks out of convenience. We don't have one nearby anyway. So maybe that's good. 

5. I don't see the appeal of La Croix anymore. 

Here's to a weekend of quality dog time...

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