January 18, 2018

Things that make me ridiculously happy. Vol. 2

Here's the first installment of things that make me ridiculously happy. Maybe I'll make it a monthly post.

+When Jimmy comes back on Season 5 of Shameless and tells Fiona he loves her. They are so dysfunctional that it makes me melt.

+Bachelor recap podcasts. 
I actually subscribed to pay $3 a month to get the deep-dives and weekly Bachelor recaps from The Popcast just because Knox and Jamie are so entertaining. And because I need 6 recaps a week instead of 5, I suppose. I don't know..that might be #7.

+$8 haircuts. 
I love Great Clips so much. I've decided that I would rather pay for pedicures and get cheap haircuts as a compromise. 

+There are very few 5-day school weeks left until the end of February. Next week is one of the few. 

+Coming home on a Tuesday that feels like a Monday but knowing it's definitely Tuesday, thanks to a 3-day weekend.

+Knowing that I have enough sick days/personal days to take multiple 3-day weekends off for the rest of the school year (not that I WOULD). 

+When it actually snows and is cold in January. 

What is making you happy this week?


  1. i see no issues with $8 esp if you need a basic cut (i do it too!)

  2. We have had 4 non-traditional instructional days in the past 2 weeks. These are days when the weather is bad enough to make the roads treacherous and the kids don't need to be on buses on slick roads. Instead of calling school off completely (and us having to make it up at the end of the year), we have these NTI days where the kids stay home and work on assignments online or in packets that were sent home previously. NTI days count as instructional days and don't have to be made up. Teachers still have to report to work once conditions have improved enough for travel, which sometimes just sucks. I really do miss just having one or two old fashioned snow days where I can turn off the alarm, sleep late, and have a clean slate day with no agenda. Well, on Tuesday the roads were so bad all throughout the morning that we were told to stay and home and work remotely, which was fine by me. Even though it wasn't a true snow day, being at home in my sweats, working on IEPs and being able to do stuff around the house made me very happy.

    PS. I keep awaiting the return of Jimmy-Steve... Do you think he'll ever return?

  3. I loved having a three day weekend and time to go see a friend. The ice that turned into snow was pretty and really, my first time having that experience (though now, I am kind of over it - I can't leave my house without stepping very carefully on the walkway). Love a post full of happy things!

  4. I am,excited about planning days off work too. Haha. Always love a refreshed PTO calendar.

  5. I am all about those Great Clip haircuts! I have been going to the same girl for years and she is amazing and so cheap! I am so looking forward to our long weekend for presidents day next month! 5 days!

  6. Uh you totally should use those days!! When I was bring rif, my principal even said to use them bc they may not pay you them all. Besides...it'll make your sanity level go down ;)

  7. I love Great Clips too! They are to me one of the best places to get a haircut.


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