January 19, 2018

The Bachelor is BACK!

(Spoilers ahead...)

Actually, the Bachelor started up two weeks ago so I'm a bit behind in talking about it...

What are your thoughts on Arie? I have none because I never watched Emily's season. He may or may not be as sketchy as the rest of the leads/contestants. Luke Pell was in it for fame, and so was Nick. Those were the options last year. This year, Arie isn't Peter but I don't think that matters. Peter, before he starting IG-whoring himself out, seemed like a good guy. I doubt anyone they choose has the purest of intentions. The funny part to me is that these women all applied when they thought it'd be Peter, and they ended up with Arie. Just like how last year's crop applied when they thought it'd be Luke and ended up with Nick. Too bad, ladies.

But, truth be told, since I read and listen to Reality Steve, I already know who "won" ("won" should always be in quotations when it comes to this show). Do you spoil the show for yourself? I think knowing is half the fun. I will do my best not to give anything away here...

Thoughts so far...

1. I really love Bibiana's hair. And the name Bibiana threw Scott off for a second there but I had a student named Bibiana once so I got it. It means "love". Also, I'm not a nail person, but her nails were great in Monday's episode.

2. Krystal is a character. I feel like they made her into what they needed to move the plotline forward. That being said, she's super annoying and I can't stand her commentary. Honestly, if she wants Arie, she can have Arie. He's not really that much of a prize.

3. When Arie talks to the "girls", he always comes off as a father figure. Like, I can't tell the difference between him and Chris Harrison sometimes. Aren't they, like, the same age? And, ohemgee, that cardigan killed me.

4. I'm a fan of Tia. She's far too interesting for Arie.

5. Do you think Annaliese is afraid of cats too? Or just little dogs you can fit in a purse? And plastic car-like devices that require an electric current leading to the ceiling in order to run?



  1. I love Tia too. Isnt she Ravens friend? I totally can see that,
    Yeah, that gray hair doesnt need an old man cardigan. Haha
    I actually liked Arie on Emily season.
    & truth, man,,Peter really did who're himself out, didnt he. But I'll keep looking at those ab pics. Haha cant wait to see him on the winter games show

  2. I don't normally cheat and find out but this year I did so we will see.

    Krystal can go bye. I like tia but I'm sure she's too country for him.

  3. I really wanted Emily to choose Arie that season. She's perfectly happy now so I'm glad it didn't work out, but I remember liking him then. This season is slightly boring. I find myself reading with it on in the background because it doesn't hold my attention.


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